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What's an Address Verification API

Address verification API enables you to clean, parse, standardize, and validate all of the addresses present in your mailing list according to your local postal service provider’s official database.

It not only cleanses your current mailing list but enables your system to only let the verified addresses in. Plus, it fixes all the errors and information gaps present in your mailing list and removes the duplicate addresses present in your system (if any).

Duplicate addresses are the ones that enter your system due to retargeting existing customers or prospects who’ve already submitted their necessary details in return for a lead magnet.

Besides, wrong or incorrect addresses enter your system when your prospects enter their details in a hurry. Or let’s be honest, when they’re more focused on getting what you’ve offered instead of giving you the correct information in return.

Now, even though it might not cause any harm to your prospects, but it can cost you a lot of money, resources, and of course, time. That’s why we, on PostGrid, recommend you validate all the addresses before you invest in direct mail marketing.

PostGrid’s address verification API helps you verify and standardize all your system’s addresses within minimal time. Plus, it allows entry point verification, which means all the new addresses entering your system will be pre-verified once you’ve integrated our API with your CRM.

This way, you reduce your bounce rate, investment of time and money, and get more accurate tracking reports.

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How Does Address Verification API Work?

Now that you understand what an address verification API is and why it is necessary for your direct mails’ success delivery rate. It’s time you know how it works.

  • Start by integrating PostGrid’s address validation API with your CRM, website, or other tools that you use.
  • Sign up for your account. Set it up within minutes by entering the required details.
  • Log in to your account with the unique username and password you thus created.
  • Start using its different functions through its dashboard.
  • Go to your settings menu to get your test and live API keys and copy them. We highly recommend you only use these keys on the trusted servers for data protection purposes.
  • Then paste the keys (API URL) you found in the settings menu in your CRM’s address form – where you have the data you need to verify.
  • The time you complete the last step, you’ll get successful API calls upon request. If you face any difficulty in this whole process, contact us immediately. Our support staff is active 24×7.

Why Should You Go for PostGrid

AMAS Certified

All the addresses present in our system are Australia Post Certified to provide you highest delivery rate. Plus, it enables you to drop your bounce rate, reduce the number of lost direct mail pieces, and keep you from delivering to duplicate addresses.


After launching your direct mail marketing campaign, you can use your dashboard to get a complete report of your sent mail pieces’ status. This way, you can track their exact location.

Easy Integration

Incorporating PostGrid API with your CRM is pretty simple. You can do it yourself with limited to no technical help at all. Still, you get detailed API docs and 24×7 customer support in case you need any help.

Address Validation

All the addresses of your system are standardized and validated as per your local postal service standards.


PostGrid’s API also offers an auto-complete feature. It works by suggesting a list of complete addresses to your customers as they start typing in. It saves the overall time they would otherwise spend on the form and get them to the final CTA faster. Plus, it ensures that only verified addresses enter your system.

Address Parsing

PostGrid API also presents a parsing facet. It helps break down the complete addresses into different parts, as address line 1, address line 2, street, city, state, and zip code.

Data Cleansing

Apart from verifying the addresses with the standard official database Australia Post, the API also fixes the errors, removes information gaps, and eliminates duplicate and invalid addresses.


Most of the time, if your addresses aren’t standardized, your mail pieces’ total delivery time increases. It happens because the post office has to standardize your addresses manually, and no doubt, they do it at their speed. Hence, PostGrid offers you this time-saving feature to decrease your turnaround time and get your mail pieces to reach your customers faster.

Bulk verification

PostGrid API enables you to verify tens of thousands of addresses within a few seconds.

Competitive Prices

Despite all these features, PostGrid is available for you at a very reasonable price.

24 Hour Support

If you face any difficulty getting your API calls, integrating the API with your system, or if you’re just confused about anything, you can contact us at any time.

Benefits of Address Verification API

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No more lost direct mail pieces:

Once you integrate and start using address verification API, all the addresses present in your mailing list will be accurate. It ensures that all of your mail pieces will reach their right destination, with none of them going to the wrong location or returning.

Thus, depending on the number of direct mail marketing campaigns you launch, you can considerably decrease your misspending and overall investment. Apart from that, you also stop missing out on the opportunities that you would otherwise lose.

For example, some of your prospects might need a particular offer you made in your current direct campaign, but it never reached them because of their wrong or incorrect address details in your system.

Hence, with the low investment, you also get to increase your overall returns.

Best data quality:

With only correct data entering your system, you can proudly say that you have the best quality data in your system. Plus, it helps your marketing message reach the right audience on time.

Apart from this, to keep this data of the best quality, PostGrid’s API keeps on updating your mailing list. After the launch of each campaign, and depending on your analytical reports, it updates the system’s data.

For example, someone moved to a different location, and now no person of the same name resides in a particular area that’s already in your system.

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Improved Communication:

With the correct customer information, your message is always getting conveyed to the right person on time. It not only saves you money but improves your overall communication with the customers.

Which Type of Businesses Need Address Verification API

  • E-commerce platforms
  • Branding Personal Stores
  • The 3PLs
  • Short-term Rental Homes Service Sites
  • Credit Check Services

Integrate PostGrid’s API with your CRM and peak your customer response rate and drop the misspending at once.

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