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An address verification API is one that integrates with your CRM or other tools to fetch all of your existing customer details and verify them against the official database of the local postal service provider. In this case, the Australian Post.

Furthermore, the address validation API also verifies all the entry point addresses so that only high-quality and correct data enter your system. This way, you always know that all of the direct mail pieces you’re sending are reaching the right recipient. Thus, your launched direct mail marketing campaigns’ measured results are accurate, and you can rely on them to base your future campaigns.

How Do Wrong Addresses Cost Your Business in General?

Whether you know it or not, wrong or incorrect addresses are present in your mailing list if you still haven’t verified them. Let’s find out how they are affecting your business growth.

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Lost Sales Opportunities

When the direct mail pieces reach the wrong recipient or get returned because of the incorrect address details, you lose a lot of business. How? It’s simple. The recipients about to receive your marketing message could be the ones who will actually take action, but since they didn’t receive your letter in the first place, they’d not get to know about your current offer.

Loss of Money

More than often, when you retarget your prospects, your system contains the details of the same customer more than once. We call it duplicate addresses. Now, when you launch a direct mail marketing campaign without removing the double or triple identical address details present in your system, you waste all the money and resources that go into creating, printing, and mailing the mail pieces sent to them.

Annoyed Prospects and Customers

Duplicate addresses not only cost you money but can also make your customers/prospects annoyed. When you send an identical mail piece to one of your customers multiple times, it can irritate them. Plus, it shows your unprofessionalism, which is terrible for almost every business in the world.

Ruined Brand Image

Apart from duplicate addresses, you may also have errors and typos in the address details because of the unverified mailing list. It can lead you to send direct mails to the wrong recipients, which is a threat to your customers’ confidential information.

You can lose existing customers or clients this way, especially if you send regular financial or sensitive details to them via direct mail.

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Benefits of Address Verification Software

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Minimized Number of Returned Direct Mail

A top address verification software can help you drop your bounce rate significantly. Plus, it can also help you decrease your misspending significantly. As when you create, print, and mail the direct mails only for the correct addresses, you are not wasting any money or resources.

Save Time, Money, and Resources

An automated system also helps you save more money, time, and resources by eliminating all the manual tasks involved in your direct mail marketing campaigns.

Reduced Turnaround Time

With only the correct addresses present in your system, you can ensure that all of your mailpieces will be delivered to the right recipient and on time. And to validate all this data, PostGrid takes only a few minutes. This way, the task that might have otherwise taken days or weeks quickly gets done within a few hours.

Scalable Services

If you keep on scaling your business and your mailing list to keep on growing, you’d need an address validation tool to check all of your addresses. Thus, you can also target a large audience easily.

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How Does Address Validation Software Work?

You can simply not afford to ship even a single direct mail piece to the wrong address. It ruins your company’s reputation and kills your opportunity to convert a lead into a buying customer.

Plus, to keep nurturing and delighting your customers, you must send regular mail pieces with the correct address labelled on the envelope. A simple typo, spelling error, or formatting mistake may reflect your company’s image on bad terms before your customers.

You can solve all of these problems by perfecting your addresses with an address validation tool, like PostGrid. Here’s how it works:

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  • It makes sure that only correct addresses enter your system so that your mailing list is always of high quality
  • You can also get a mailing list of highly targeted audiences based on their demographic details
  • All of the new addresses you get from our system and your validated mailing list will be formatted according to Australian Post’s database
  • Furthermore, the address validation software API also parses and standardizes all of your customer details
  • The API also informs you via notification about the delivery status of each of the addresses

Features of Our Address Verification Tool

  • Bulk Data Analysis
  • Delivery Point Verification
  • Matching Technology
  • Real-time Address Validation
  • Autocomplete
  • Accurate Data
  • Address Parsing
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Data Cleansing Use Cases of an Address Verification Software

The major purpose of address verification software is to make sure that only the right customer details enter your database and the quality of your mailing list remains high. Plus, it also saves your system from spam.

When any of your prospects start entering their contact information, PostGrid real-time address validation tool suggests a number of similar addresses as they start typing in. Then, they have to choose one of the given verified addresses.

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If they fail to do so, they won’t be able to move further. The API will only let them enter verified and deliverable addresses.

Here’s what businesses can use address verification service software.

  • Ecommerce
  • Branding
  • The Third-Party Logistics
  • Short-term Rental Homes Service Sites
  • Credit Check Services

How to Use Our Address Verification Tool

PostGrid enables you to check addresses within seconds, even if you’re verifying them in bulk. Here’s how you can start using PostGrid.

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  • Sign up for your PostGrid account
  • Log in and go to the dashboard
  • Add trusted domains to keep your data secure
  • Copy your API keys from setting
  • Paste them into the browser and run

After following these addresses, you’ll get your successful address validation software API. If you face any difficulty operating PostGrid or getting your API calls, you can contact our support system. We’re active 24×7.

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