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Bulk Address Validation & Batch Address Verification

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bulk batch address verification

Batch Address Validation Tool and Bulk Address Verification Software

Bulk address validation is the process of cleansing, standardizing, and verifying huge numbers of mailing addresses in one go. It saves time and effort and can be used by businesses. With the help of such batch processing, companies can sort and update their mailing lists and put them to use.

bulk batch address verification

Every company has a lot of data, including thousands or even millions of addresses. But, data management is not an easy task. Therefore, batch address verification solutions are used to validate the addresses quickly and efficiently.

Why Do Businesses Need Bulk Address Validation?

Access to Accurate Addresses

When we talk about accurate addresses, it becomes obvious that these addresses have no errors, missing words, misspellings, wrong abbreviations, or any such issues. An address validation tool can help validate addresses using fuzzy matching methods. Moreover, you can verify them from anywhere and at any time, hereby being flexible.


It is always better to cross-verify addresses after receiving any orders. This way, you can be confident that your mail can be delivered successfully. Save yourselves from reshipping and wastages caused due to mailing to invalid or incorrect addresses.

Standardising and validating addresses beforehand allows Australia Post to deliver on time. They don’t have to go through any hassles or delays resulting from missing address parts or incorrect details.

Avail Bulk Mailing Discounts

Australia Post gives huge discounts on bulk mailing. However, in actuality, it is quite difficult to print and mail items in bulk. It takes several weeks to get the mailing lists ready. But, an Auspost address validation API can make it possible. Companies can also presort their mail items to receive additional discounts.

Improve Customer Experience and Brand Reputation

If you opt for manual data entry, the task can affect response times drastically. Customers want timely deliveries, and you can accomplish that by using address lookup services. Provide excellent customer experience by processing orders speedily and systematically. You can also incorporate the address validation API on your website to autocomplete, standardise, and validate addresses at point-of-entry.

Increase Conversions

Conduct successful direct mail campaigns using high-quality mailing lists. These lists assure that your mail will be delivered to the right people, which is very important in the case of personalised and targeted marketing.

Expand your business globally by mailing to any country across the world. Reach out to prospects internationally and drive conversions.

Proper Data Management

Using batch address validation, businesses can capture, store, and update mailing addresses from time to time. It facilitates data management and also eliminates manual effort. Manual inputs are prone to mistakes and are time-consuming. PostGrid’s batch address verification solutions can help you manage your database properly and make the necessary changes as and when required.

Features of PostGrid’s Bulk Address Validation and Batch Address Verification Solutions

Real-Time Verification

All addresses that are passed through PostGrid’s address verification API are parsed, standardised, and verified in real-time. Therefore, even the recent address changes are considered, and the addresses are ready to use. By incorporating the API into your website or other ePOS, you can verify bulk addresses as they are being entered and block wrong addresses from entering your database.

API Integration

As discussed earlier, you can integrate PostGrid’s API and start verifying addresses directly from your own system. The API can be integrated with several marketing strategies, human resource management, payroll, accounting, and eCommerce platforms and software applications. The integration is simple and quick.

AMAS Certification

PostGrid uses the Australia Post address database to return up-to-date and perfectly mailable addresses. Getting an AMAS certification simply means returning addresses as per the official database of Australia Post and PostGrid does exactly that. Hence, businesses know that their processed mailing lists are in accordance with the Australia Post address guidelines.

Address Autocomplete and Formatting

The API does not just validate and verify in the same format as you enter addresses. In case of incomplete and misordered addresses, it completes and parses them automatically. Furthermore, the API is capable of addressing formatting or standardising as per the guidelines provided by the post office. Therefore, along with verification, you get a lot more features.

International Bulk Address Verification

Have problems reached out to your international audience? Say no more, as PostGrid’s bulk address validation solutions also cover international addresses of over 240 countries. You can transliterate, reformat, and validate international addresses according to the destination country’s postal requirements and language.


Geocoding is essential for capturing and returning precise addresses. It is mainly used for on-spot address validation wherein the address lookup Australia API is able to identify users’ addresses through coordinates and can fill in their addresses accurately.


A major part of data management is deduplication. Validating bulk addresses is not enough. Companies need to know how many entries are present in their database. It is particularly important while conducting direct mail marketing campaigns. PostGrid offers free postal address validation and deduplication along with its print and mail API.

Privacy Protection

Be it your privacy or your customers’, PostGrid makes sure that all the necessary rules and regulations are being followed and data security is given top priority. Being compliant with DSS Level 1, ISAE 3402, SOC 2 – IRAP (Australia), ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and Privacy Act 1988, PostGrid protects data confidentiality at all times.

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How Does PostGrid’s Bulk Address Verification Work?

Companies can integrate PostGrid’s bulk address verification API with their websites, applications, and software programs. After integration, the API can fetch data automatically and process the mailing lists. Bulk address validation services allow you to validate hundreds and thousands of mailing lists in one go.

PostGrid’s API can help you with that and the process is broken down into several parts:


It is essential to first complete addresses. Autocomplete is usually used for on-demand or point-of-entry address validation, but it is also used in the case of bulk address verification so that incomplete addresses can be completed and further steps can be carried out.


Address parsing is identifying the different components of an address, such as the street name, city name, and so on. In this step, the addresses are broken down into different components and filled in the respective address fields.


All addresses are standardised according to the format provided by Australia Post or other postal organisations around the world in the case of international addresses. Standardisation is done to help the API with deduplication and validation. Oftentimes, valid addresses are marked invalid due to improper formatting. This step solves that problem.


Checking address validity is to make sure that they exist and are deliverable. In this step, deliverable and undeliverable addresses are separated from each other.


The undeliverable addresses separated during validation are taken care of by verification. Address verification is done by rectifying addresses using commercial and Australian residential address databases. After this step, all the addresses are precise, updated, and ready to mail.

All the above steps are completed simultaneously within seconds, hence making batch address validation possible.


Businesses must have accurate address data in order to fulfil orders and be able to conduct direct mail marketing campaigns. It is now time to gather all the data that could not be used due to errors, being outdated, and more issues. Validate bulk addresses with PostGrid and use your data productively.

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