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bulk mailing services

Bulk Mail Options: Best Practices That Will Work in 2024

Have you ever wished for a higher response rate for your marketing efforts? Did you know that there is a 9% average response rate for direct mail campaigns? Well, we are sure you know that a 9% average response rate is an incredible number for any marketing channel. However, many businesses are unsure about employing bulk mailing campaigns.

bulk mailing services

Most marketers and business owners are unsure about bulk mailing services not meeting their business needs. But, the truth may be different from what you are thinking. There are several bulk mail services available in the market, and one of them could be the perfect fit for your business.

We will help you determine the perfect bulk mailing option for your direct mail requirements. Following is the list of things you will learn about in this article.

  • What is bulk mail?
  • The primary bulk mail services in Australia
  • The characteristics and conditions for availing bulk mailing services

What are Bulk Mailing Services?

Bulk mailing services are postal mail services that enable businesses to send postal mail in bulk at an affordable price. Here are 3 questions for marketers or business owners who want to employ bulk mail for business marketing or communication purposes.

  • Is it a cost-effective means of communication?
  • Does it save a significant amount of money on postage costs?
  • Is it flexible enough to meet different business needs?

If the answer is yes to all of these questions, then you have found an excellent bulk mailing service for your business. 

Australia Post Bulk Mail Services

When it comes to bulk mailing services in Australia, there is no need to look beyond Australia Post. It meets all the prerequisites of an ideal bulk mailing service provider. Furthermore, Australia Post offers several bulk mail services that businesses can use in various situations.

Here are some of the Australia Post bulk mail services you can employ for your business.

#1 Print Post

Print Post is a bulk mailing service for Australia Post that lets businesses deliver regular publication materials. The publication materials that companies can send via Australia Post’s Print Post service include:

  • Catalogues
  • Brochures
  • Magazines
  • Newsletters

Are you unsure about the type of printed material you want to use for marketing your business? If yes, you might want to check out our blog.

Different Types of Direct Mails and Why You Should be Sending Them

Conditions For Promo Post Service

Companies can get reduced prices for sending promotional materials to their customers if:

  • The minimum volume of mail is 100.
  • Companies must print the barcodes if the mail volume is higher than 2000.
  • Companies must sort the mailers as per Australia Post instructions.

Priority And Regular Delivery

You can access both priority and regular delivery for your Reply Mail.

#2 PreSort Letters

As the name suggests, Australia Post’s PreSort Letters is a service that allows businesses to send presorted mailings. The main distinctive feature of PreSort Letters is their barcodes. The machine-addressed barcode makes it easy for Australia Post to deliver them.

Companies can get a lower mailing cost for direct mail communication if they use Australia Post bulk postage service such as PreSort Mail. However, it only applies if the sender meets certain conditions.

Conditions For PreSort Letters Service

  • Apply the barcodes, sort them, place them into suitable trays, and complete the documentation.

Priority And Regular Delivery

You can send your PreSort Letters through Australia Post’s priority and regular service.

#3 Promo Post

Promo Post is an Australia Post bulk mail service specifically for businesses that want to promote a product or service. It enables you to send promotional material within Australia for a nominal cost. However, it also comes with some prerequisites to adhere to reduce prices.

Conditions For Promo Post Service

Companies can get reduced prices for sending promotional materials to their customers if:

  • They send individual lodgements containing more than 4000 PreSort Letters
  • The primary purpose of the mailer must be to promote a business
  • All lodgements meet the PreSort Letters requirements

Regular Delivery

Although you can say that all Promo Posts are PreSort Letters, they do not support priority delivery. All Promo Post uses regular delivery. Hence, you should consider the additional time required for delivery before implementing a marketing campaign.

#4 Charity Mail

Charities often depend on direct mail as their communication channel for acquiring new donors. Australia Post makes it a point to ensure that charity organisations can benefit from its Charity Mail service.

Conditions For Charity Mail

For Australia Post to provide Charity Mail service to an organisation, it must meet the following requirements.

  • All the mailers should be PreSort Letters or meet the PreSort conditions
  • The purpose of the bulk postage Australia Post must be fundraising and promotion activity
  • The organisation sending the mailer should be Income Tax Exempt Charities (ITEC) or Deductible Gift Recipients (DGR)
  • Every lodgement must contain at least 300 barcoded articles

Priority And Regular Delivery

Unlike Promo Post, we discussed above. You can deliver Charity mail via Priority or Regular mail service from Australia Post.

#5 Clean Mail

Clean Mail is a postal service from Australia Post that lets businesses send Small and Small Plus articles within Australia at low costs. One of the advantages of using Australia Post’s Clean Mail service is that you don’t have to print or sort your mailers.

Hence, it is perfect for companies that do not have the facilities to print barcode labels or sort the mailers. The best part of Clean Mail is that it is still cheaper than regular mail despite not printing the barcodes or presorting mailers.

Conditions For Clean Mail

For accessing the Clean Mail service from Australia Post, your business mail must meet the following conditions.

  • You must ensure that the addresses are readable for the Australia Post’s automated letter sorting equipment
  • Use machine-printed addresses to ensure the readability of the postal addresses

Priority And Regular Delivery

Clean Mail offers both priority and regular deliveries to businesses. Hence, companies can use regular delivery services to save money if it is not a time-sensitive document. And if a business wants faster delivery, they can always opt for priority delivery.

#6 Acquisition Mail

Acquisitions Mail is a postal service from Australia Post that allows business organisations to send addressed mailers within Australia. One of the advantages of using the Acquisition Mail service is geographical targeting. It lets you target your mailers to residential address points.

You may even pick the postcodes, suburbs (localities), or Statistical Areas (SA1s) based on your marketing needs. Australia Post will even supply residential street addresses for specific geographic regions. And like every other Australia Post mass mailing we discussed so far, it also offers lower postage prices.

Conditions For Acquisition Mail

For your company to access Australia Post’s Acquisition Mail service, it must meet the following requirements.

  • Print barcodes for the mailers if the volume of mailers is more than 300
  • You must sort your direct mailers if the mailer volume exceeds 300 mailers

Regular Delivery

In terms of delivery options, Acquisition Mail only offers regular delivery. So, suppose you are looking for a faster delivery option.

#7 Reply Paid 

Reply Paid service is one of the most effective ways to boost your direct mail response rate. As the name implies, it involves a prepaid or preprinted reply card/envelope. You may attach this with your direct marketing mail so that the recipient can conveniently respond to your offer.

Furthermore, it can be personalised to suit your target audience’s taste and looks professional. And the best part about Reply Mail is that companies only have to pay for the responses they receive. It is ideal for businesses that want to:

  • Generate sales leads
  • Build customer databases
  • Raise funds
  • Request information from the customer
  • Encourage timely payments
  • Research the marketplace

Conditions For Reply Mail

For accessing the Reply Mail service from Australia Post, your business mail must meet the following conditions.

  • Companies must preprint the barcodes for your Reply Mail
  • The company or business organisation must apply for a Reply Paid Number

Priority And Regular Delivery

You can access both priority and regular delivery for your Reply Mail.

#8 Unaddressed Mail

As you can guess from the name, this Australia Post bulk mail service allows companies to send unaddressed mail to their customers. It means you don’t need access to an extensive address database for your direct mail marketing.

Hence, it is ideal for sending leaflets, catalogues, merchandising samples, etc., to customers in a specific area. For example, Real Estate businesses can advertise attractive properties to potential buyers or sellers in the area.

Furthermore, you can employ an advanced direct mail tool like PostGrid for your real estate marketing. It allows real estate businesses access to Custom Redesign Templates for resting their marketing material.

Conditions For Unaddressed Mail

The following conditions need to be satisfied for business organisations to access the Unaddressed Mail service from Australia Post.

  • Businesses must target at least one suburb or postcode for Unaddressed Mail
  • Companies have to sort their mailers into trays and label them as per the instructions from Australia Post

#9 Other Australia Post Bulk Mail Services

Apart from the bulk mail service listed above, you can consider two more bulk mail services from Australia Post.

Domestic Letter With Tracking Imprint:

This Australia Post bulk mail service allows you to deliver a large volume of trackable mailers at a low cost. However, this is offered only on a contract basis. Furthermore, it is subject to pre-approval and requires you to send a minimum of 10,000 mailers.

Registered Post Imprint:

Mass mailing service from Australia Post enables companies to deliver crucial documents in large volumes. It requires the recipient’s signature for delivery and can be especially useful for industries such as financial services. You can even employ direct mail service providers like PostGrid that offer specialised direct mail services for finance industries.

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Australia Post offers various bulk mail services that can fit the needs of any business regardless of their size or requirement. However, implementing bulk mail campaigns is not merely about finding the right postal service provider. 

You need an advanced direct mail automation service like PostGrid for implementing an effective bulk mailing campaign. PostGrid fully automates your postal mail process, including personalisation. Furthermore, PostGrid uses Australia Post to deliver your business mailers. 

As a result, you can create a fully optimised direct mail campaign and ensure affordable operations for your direct marketing campaigns.

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