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Cheque Print and Mail API

  • Eliminate all the manual work from printing and mailing Cheques by integrating PostGrid’s Cheque API with your system
  • You don’t need to keep the printing inventory in stock and staff to get your Cheques prepared.
  • No more do you even need to worry about drafting, printing, and mailing your Cheques each time there’s a need. PostGrid can do it for you automatically. All you’d need to do is set the date and time when the Cheque is to be sent and to whom with other essential details.
  • Another perk of using an automated API is that it’s highly accurate, secure, and provides a high deliverability rate.
  • You can access all the records of sent cheques from your dashboard and never miss a payment.
  • No more would you need to pay any late fees or worry about ruining your brand’s reputation due to late payments.

Integrate and Work Faster

  • Integrate your system or accounting software with PostGrid’s API and get your Cheques printed and delivered on time without any worry.
  • PostGrid API ensures there’s no double entry and saves you from considerable misspending.
  • You can streamline your cheque printing and shipping simply by integrating PostGrid with your system.
  • Once integrated, PostGrid fetches the details from your system and fills the Cheques instantly, and prepares them for printing so that they can be delivered on time.
  • All the information is fetched with high accuracy, viz., the person’s full name, the amount to be paid, and the address, etc.
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Ensure the Highest Levels of Security

  • PostGrid takes full responsibility to get your Cheque written, printed, enveloped, sealed, and delivered safely to the right recipient.
  • Your and your customers’ data safety is the biggest concern at PostGrid. Hence, we only partner with CI DSS Level 1, ISAE 3402, SOC 2 – IRAP (Australia), ISO 9001, ISO 27001 compliant partners.
  • Monitor your complete cash flow from your bank account with PostGrid’s easy-to-use dashboard. It allows you to control all the permissions.
  • PostGrid provides you with unique login credentials, so only you can make the payments and get your Cheques filled with a few clicks without much hassle. It also helps to save you from all fraudulent activities.
  • PostGrid also ensures that all of your Cheques follow the safety guidelines of your bank and are valid.
  • When your bank prints your Cheques, they print a MICR line at the bottom of it. Just like that, we ensure that your Cheques have the right MICR line at their bottom. Thus, all the Cheques you print from PostGrid’s Cheque API are valid and legally accepted.

Use Our In-Built Templates and Customization Options

  • PostGrid allows you to create your Cheques by choosing one of the templates from our resources’ library or creating one from scratch according to your bank or requirements.
  • You can also use your Cheques for branding purposes by customizing them. You can easily add your company’s logo, URL, or any other detail you feel fits right on your Cheque. Along with making the payments, it helps in marketing your brand. PostGrid allows you to do that easily.
  • You can use your Cheques as a marketing strategy.
  • Uploading, editing, or fixing your Cheques is pretty simple in PostGrid. You can simply use our in-built editor to do it all.
  • All the templates that PostGrid provides contain the right and accurate fields that must be there in the Cheque.
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Mail to the Right People Using PostGrid's Address Verification

  • PostGrid is AMAS certified. We verify all of your mailing addresses for the deliverability status through Australia Post.
  • PostGrid’s address verification software helps you avoid any big misspending you might make due to incorrect address details in your system.
  • The address verification software also ensures that only right and deliverable addresses remain in your system. It fixes all of your incorrect addresses, eliminates the invalid and duplicate addresses for a reduced bounce rate.
  • Due to the sensitive information that Cheques contain, it’s necessary to keep only the correct addresses in your mailing list. Hence, PostGrid also adds the required details like ZIP code and Cheques the addresses’ validity.

Send Cheques Anytime and From Anywhere

  • With PostGrid, you can automate all the payments that you have to make regularly, like office rent. No longer do you need to remember dates. Just set the instructions and pay your employees, vendors, staff’s salary, rent, and other payments on time.
  • PostGrid enables you to enter just the required details and handles all the rest of the Cheque itself. For instance, just set the reminder to pay your employees’ salaries, and PostGrid’s Cheque API will repeatedly complete the task on time every month.
  • You can also add other events, and PostGrid will draft, print, and mail your Cheques on time without any delay.
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Set Up Multiple Bank Accounts

  • There’s nothing new about the fact that most companies have multiple bank accounts. Now, it can become problematic to handle all of them at once. Thus, PostGrid enables its users to switch between various accounts to make payments from a single platform.
  • You can also pay yourself using PostGrid or transfer funds from your own account to another.
  • All you have to do is click add accounts, enter the details, and get started within minutes.

Get Complete Print and Mail Fulfilment

  • PostGrid not only helps you complete your payments speedily while drafting quick drafts but getting them printed and mailed.
  • It helps you get your Cheques to reach the correct recipient on time without worrying about keeping printing supplies in the office or running back and forth to multiple print labs and hustling about the safety of your Cheques.
  • All the print labs that PostGrid is a partner with are trustworthy and provide high-quality prints. Once your Cheques are printed and stuffed in the envelope, they’re sent through the Australian Post.
  • PostGrid ensures that all of the Cheques are shipped within two business days, after you’ve ordered, to keep the delivery time right.

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