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Over the years, online advertising has become the number one approach of marketers to build their brand awareness. However, as per the current data, more than 615 million people use ad blockers for their devices.

The reason is simple. These advertisements fail to engage the reader and constantly remind them of selling.

On the other hand, when you use direct mail marketing, people choose to read your marketing message on their own by opening the letter you sent. That’s why it works. And that’s the reason it brings results.

But no doubt, they require a high investment of time, effort, money, and resources. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

PostGrid offers an all-in-one automated solution. With PostGrid’s direct mail API, you can launch direct mail marketing campaigns within weeks by getting your designs printed and mailed within two business days.

From there on, you can track the location of your direct mails and get a full analytical report of your launched campaign—yes, it comes with the complete package.

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How It Helps You Improve Your Relationships
With Your Customers

Address Verification Process

The number one reason why anyone buys anything from a company is how they communicate their message. And direct mail is one of the best ways to converse with your prospects in a more personalized way.

When you send your potential customer or client a direct mail that’s been customized and address them with their first name, a short handwritten note, or your logo or tagline, it’ll connect you with them instantly.

And this method will keep them engaged. Thus, you conveyed your message. To keep your audience reading to the bottom of the page, you would also need to use creative designs and compelling copy.

With a clear call to action at the end, your prospects are likely to take action. Thus, you achieve the final goal of your direct mail campaign. You get more leads.

But, we totally understand that personalizing each of thousands of direct mail pieces is no easy job. That’s why we recommend you use a direct mail API. Let’s understand what that is.

What Is a Direct Mail API

Direct mail API helps you to automate all of your direct mail marketing campaigns. With the help of such an API, you can operate the sending of direct mails just like emails.

To get started, just integrate your CRM or website with PostGrid, fetch all of your data, and from there on, you can use the dashboard to operate your direct mail campaigns.

There are a lot more benefits of API. Let’s understand them in detail.

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Benefits of Direct Mail API


The direct mail API follows all security practices and frameworks, we only partner with CI DSS Level 1, ISAE 3402, SOC 2 – IRAP (Australia), ISO 9001, ISO 27001 compliant partners, and those who follow the Privacy Act of 1988. Thus, all of your and your customer’s data is secure.

Fully Automated

PostGrid enables you to create, print, and mail all of your direct mail pieces automatically once you’ve set the instructions for the triggered direct mails from the dashboard.

Strengthen Customer Relationships

With personalized direct mail pieces and on-time delivery, it becomes easier to strengthen the relationships with customers and clients.

Enhance Customer Engagement

PostGrid has a number of templates and an HTML editor for you to create compelling designs for each of your mail pieces. This way, you can catch your prospects’ attention and keep them engaged with your marketing message.

Test and Launch

PostGrid provides a complete analytical report for each of your launched direct mail marketing campaigns. Thus, you can test them on a smaller level, see what’s working, and then send those mail pieces on a bigger level based on the results.

Show Professionalism

Manually doing all of the tasks may cause you or your team to let a few errors in. However, it’s not the same with an automated system. PostGrid checks each of your mailing list addresses against the Australian Post’s official database so that only the correct addresses are listed on the envelope.

This step also ensures the professionalism of your company.

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Working of PostGrid’s API

You can use PostGrid direct mail API by following a few simple steps:

  • Integrate PostGrid with your website or CRM.
  • The API will fetch all the data of your mailing list.
  • From there, you can create personalized mail pieces using your dashboard.
  • Finally, set the instructions to automate the sending of your direct mail pieces based on your customers’ responses.

Features of PostGrid's Direct Mail API

Integrate and launch

Most business owners avoid using direct mail marketing as a strategy to advertise their products and services because it seems like a daunting task.

However, we at PostGrid are trying to make it different by making direct mail marketing as easy and simple as email marketing.

When you use PostGrid’s direct mail API, you can just integrate it with your system and get started. You no longer have to run back and forth to printing labs or post offices. You can control everything from your dashboard.

Scale any time

There’s no wonder that with better marketing practices done consistently, your business grows and so does your mailing list. If you realize that some of your direct mail campaigns are working great by studying the analytical report you get from PostGrid, you may want to scale it.

PostGrid has a facet to do just that. You can scale your direct marketing campaigns at any time from your dashboard using any device.

Send Emergency Letters

PostGrid has no minimum policy. You can send as many as a million and as little as one direct mail using this API.

Easy to use

PostGrid is super simple to use. You don’t need to have a team of technical experts to use it. Just create the sample design, get your mail pieces printed, and mail them by hitting send. You can send multiple direct mail pieces including letters, brochures, catalogues, postcards, etc.

Track and Analyze

Once you’ve launched the campaign, we send you regular notifications to update you about your mailpieces’ current status.

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail through seamless integration capabilities.

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