What is Direct Mail Automation Software?

Direct mail automation software, like PostGrid, helps businesses run their direct mail marketing campaigns just like email marketing campaigns.

With direct mail software, you can create, print, and mail all of your mail pieces and personalize them for your customers merely from a single dashboard.
It helps you eliminate all the hassle of running back and forth to the print labs and post office.

You can also track all of your direct campaigns with PostGrid and get complete analytical reports of all current campaign launches.

Additionally, it also enables you to set triggered direct mail. It means when a potential client or customer enters your campaign, they receive an automated direct mail on your behalf.

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This smart approach helps you increase your customer engagement rate, get your prospects to take action, and reduce your overall investment of time, money, and resources.

Here are a few reasons why direct mail automation is a better way of direct mail marketing than traditional ways:

  • Highly targeted
  • Cost-effective
  • Personalize Every Single Mailing Piece
  • Better for mass mailing
  • Good Brand Recognition
  • Easier to Scale
  • Build Mailing List
  • Improved ROI

Yet, you might ask.

Why Direct Mail Automation?

In a world where everything is online, why should you consider direct mail marketing? Isn’t it something people used to do in the ’70s?

Well, direct mail is one of the oldest yet most effective ways of marketing. Its response rate is way higher than any other form of marketing, viz., social media marketing, email marketing, PPC ads, etc.

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Traditional Marketing

It’s when you create your direct mail sample in-house or have it done by a designer, get it printed either in-house — keeping all the resources in stock — or through a printing lab, and finally mail all of the direct mail in bulk.

Here’s why you should opt out of this process:

Costs a Fortune

  • The process is expensive as it demands a lot of work, effort, and resources.
  • Without any proper software in place, it’s hard to target the audience. And no doubt, sending mail pieces to everyone is just a waste of money and time.
  • PostGrid direct mail software enables business owners to carry out their direct mail marketing cost-effectively.

Involves Tedious Tasks

  • When you create your direct mail manually, it takes a lot of time to get things done.
  • You need to have tons of hours at hand, resources, and staff for this process to run smoothly and timely.
  • PostGrid direct mail software enables you to complete all of the tasks involved in direct mail marketing merely from your dashboard.

Out of reach

  • Since the traditional way of direct mail marketing requires a huge investment of time, money, and resources, most businesses refuse to add it to their marketing strategies.
  • Mostly, print labs only accept orders and give good deals to companies with a mailing list of around 100,000 people. That’s something small business owners can’t afford. 
  • PostGrid direct mail management software has no minimum policy. It means that you can get one or one million direct mail pieces printed and still get great discounts.

PostGrid's Direct Mail API

It enables you to perform all of the tasks involved in launching your direct mail marketing campaigns from your dashboard.

Here’s why it can make the process easier for you.

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Easy, Fast, and Affordable

  • Designing the sample of your direct mail is pretty easy with PostGrid. You can simply use one of the templates from the resources’ library or choose to do it yourself from our in-built HTML editor.
  • Once your design is complete, you can get it printed and mailed by clicking send.
  • A single dashboard allows you to monitor every task merely from your computer screen.
  • Plus, you not only save physical labour through this method but reduce misspending and get great discounts.

Personalized, Targeted, and Convenient

  • You can personalize each of your mail pieces to boost your engagement rate and your brand awareness.
  • PostGrid direct mail software also helps you send direct mails to a highly targeted audience, directly enhancing your response rate.
  • With Zapier integration, you can incorporate over 1600+ apps and automate their functioning.
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Automated, Trackable, and Testable

  • With PostGird, you can automate the sending of transactional direct mails like welcome, confirmation, thank you, activation, birthday, anniversary, feedback, notices, etc., just as you would send through email.
  • The direct mail API also allows you to track each of your mail pieces.
  • PostGrid has only CI DSS Level 1, ISAE 3402, SOC 2 – IRAP (Australia), ISO 9001, and ISO 27001 compliant partners, ensuring your and your customer’s safety and security data.

Features of Direct Mail Automation Software

Here’s what you can expect to get with PostGrid’s direct mail management software:

Any Size at Any Time

PostGrid enables you to create, print, and mail your direct mail pieces in multiple sizes at any time.

Delivery Tracking

Tracking your direct mails can never be easier. PostGrid provides the exact locations of your mailpieces right from its processing to its final delivery.


You not only get the tracking details of your direct mail but also the complete analytical reports of all the launched campaigns.

Data Import/Export

With PostGrid, you no longer need to care about filling the database files. Just integrate your CRM with PostGrid and fetch all of your data within seconds.

Mailing Services Integration

Incorporate your transactional mail with your CRM – to get all teams on the same page – and with CMS, enterprise system, or other tools – to fetch the company’s data within seconds.

Event-Triggered Mailings

If your company holds regular events or sends salaries on specified dates, you can use the direct trigger mail to set the dates and automatically send them.


Once you’ve launched at least one campaign, you can save the actions or set the instructions from the beginning and automate your direct mail campaigns launch.

Campaign Management

PostGrid enables you to control your entire campaign, including designing, printing, and mailing from a single dashboard.

Template Design Management

PostGrid has multiple templates available in its resources library. You can create all the different types of direct mails viz., letters, documents, invoices, notices, thank you or confirmation mail, subscription reminder, etc., using them. You can also upload your own templates or design a mail piece sample from scratch using the HTML in-built editor.

List Scrubbing

The API also offers address verification software to check the deliverability status of all of the addresses present in your mailing list. This way, you can reduce your misspending considerably by only sending direct mails to the right recipients.

Zapier Integration

Without needing any programmer, developer, or coding expert, you can automate the functioning of over 1600+ apps. All you have to do is integrate all of your favourite tools or apps.

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail through seamless integration capabilities.

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