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Have Any Questions?

Is my data secure with PostGrid?

With PostGrid all data, mail processing and fulfillment partners are highly compliant and understand the local state and industry standards. We ensure a safe and secure environment is established. Our secure API maintains the highest levels of data security and confidentiality.

How much can I save if I decide to use PostGrid?

With PostGrid, you save money by getting the best deals on per piece printing due to our vast volume sends. You can also save the amount you’ll spend on the letters addressed to the wrong audience or sent multiple times to the same person by cleaning your address data with our Free Address Verification Software. Besides that, you can save time, effort, and resources that will otherwise be spent on doing the tedious tasks manually.

Can I send letters containing sensitive information?

PostGrid only works with compliant partners ensuring data processing and operations are carried out in a secure and safe environment

How long would I need to wait for the delivery of my letters?

With industry best SLA, we print, process and handover for delivery in 2 Business days.

Can I track my delivery?

With PostGrid, you can track the exact location of your mailpieces, beginning from printing, processing, and shipping to final delivery.