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How to Return Mail to Sender

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How to Return Mail to Sender Using Australia Post's Affordable and Flexible Solutions

Online retailers face several challenges, including shipping orders to their customers on time. But, it is harder to provide return options to customers, a prime feature that they look for while shopping.

sending direct mails

It is usually because customers are unaware of how to return to sender Auspost and think twice before ordering anything. Fortunately, Australia Post is an excellent shipping partner and can help you provide your customers with return services.

At PostGrid, we get several enquiries, like how to return mail to sender Australia Post. Contrary to popular belief, it is simple to arrange for mail returns. Also, it does not cost the customer anything to send back most items, primarily if they haven’t opened them yet.

This blog will walk you through the several reasons for returning items customers get in the mail. Also, we will discuss the steps to prepare these pieces for returns—hassle-free and at no cost.

Let’s begin!

How to Return to Sender Australia Post

Below, we discuss the steps to help you send back items effortlessly:

Step 1: Read the Return Policy

It is a must to read the retailer’s return policy before purchasing anything from them. They might or might not allow returns, so enquire about everything beforehand.

Luckily, most businesses that sell online enable their customers to send back items within a specified time. Hence, you can return to the sender Auspost following their instructions.

If the instructions aren’t clear, try checking the retailer’s website. Also, your items must be eligible for returns.

Step 2: Repack and Label

The return policy also states how to return mail to the sender in Australia using prepaid labels. Alternatively, there might be sections regarding how to download or purchase one.

If the policy states that you need to pay for the return mail, you would need to buy a satchel or prepaid label from the Post Office. You can bag flat-rate postage if your items weigh less than 5 kg to return to the sender Auspost. Most companies reimburse postage after the completion of the entire transaction.

Step 3: Drop Off Your Parcel

You can drop off your packages at a local Post Office, Free 24/7 Parcel Locker, or Street Posting Box. Since there are nearly 20,000 Australia Post drop-off locations, you need not worry about how to return to the sender in Australia.

More About the Mail Drop-Off Points In Australia

Below, we talk about the return options available to help you choose the best one to return to sender Auspost:

Post Office

There are about 4,320 Post Offices in Australia! So, there are high chances that you will find one not very far from your residence or office. Most offices have extended hours, allowing you to drop off items after work. The postal workers are very supportive of how to return mail to sender Australia and can guide you further.

Also, you get a receipt of the return to sender Auspost, acting as evidence of posting. However, ensure that your items weigh up to 22 kg and do not exceed 105 cm.

Street Posting Box

Fortunately, thousands of Post Boxes in Australia are available 24 x 7 for free. Please note that return parcels you intend to send via Street Posting Boxes should not weigh more than 7 kg or exceed 35 cm.

Parcel Locker

Another option you should know while learning how to return mail to sender Australia Post is a Parcel Locker. There are 300 Australian locations where you can find Parcel Lockers, including supermarkets, petrol stations, etc.

They are the best choice if you need an email confirmation whenever you return to sender Auspost. But, you can only drop packages weighing up to 16 kg and measuring 50 cm. Like Post Boxes, Parcel Lockers are available for free at all times.

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How to Use Parcel Lockers for Mail Returns

Parcel Lockers are a quick and convenient option for dropping off return parcels at any time. They are also safe and easy to use. Here are the steps:

Sign Up For a MyPost Account

Now that you know your options to return to sender Auspost, register for an online MyPost account. It helps you use Parcel Lockers to send your return mail items.

Attach a Label and Drop Off Your Package

As said earlier, you need a prepaid label or satchel to prepare your return mail. Then, you can search a Parcel Locker near you and drop off the items you wish to return to sender Auspost.

Track Your Mail

As soon as you shut the locker’s door, you get an automatic confirmation email with evidence of lodgement. Also, it alerts the postal workers to come and collect your package.

Direct mail services like PostGrid also help you track your mail pieces in real-time. You can monitor your campaign performance and check the analytics by logging into your PostGrid account.

Australia Post collects your mail by the end of the next working day, so it may be a while before your package starts moving. Hence, you can opt to drop items at a Post Office or Posting Box for urgent deliveries as an alternative to how to return mail to sender Australia.

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Reasons to Return to Sender Auspost

There are several reasons for customers to send back mail items, including:

Misdelivery by the Post Office to an Incorrect Address

Sometimes, you may get an envelope or package in your mailbox that belongs to a different address. It is known as misdelivery and is a manual mistake by the postal carrier. In such cases, it is helpful to know how to return mail to the sender via Australia Post.

The reason could be a misinterpretation of the address, which is why the Post Office always asks customers to mention their addresses in the correct format. Nevertheless, misdelivery is not your fault, and you can return to sender Auspost effortlessly. Just place the item back in the mailbox or hand it to the carrier the next time they comes to your doorstep.

In this case, you need not go anywhere or repack anything to return to sender Auspost. The delivery person will take the mail piece back and do the needful.

Mail Addressed to Old Residents

It happens more often than we would like because many people forget to update their new address with the Post Office. Moreover, they also skip informing senders that their address has changed. Therefore, you may need to return to sender Aupost for a while.

Understanding how to return to sender Australia can help you prevent this situation. All you need to do is mark the item as ‘Return to Sender – Unknown At This Address’ and place it back in the mailbox. Please don’t forget to erect the red flag to tell the delivery person that an outgoing mail piece is waiting for them.

Spam Mail

Another reason you may want to return to sender Aupost is junk mail. Here, the address and addressee are both correct, but you wish to stop getting mail from a specific sender completely.

The best thing to do is to place an ‘Addressed Mail Only’ or ‘No Junk Mail’ sign on your mailbox. It helps the delivery person know that you don’t want advertising mail.

Yet, you must know how to return mail to the sender Australia Post. If you still get spam mail and want to return it, write down ‘Refused’ and place it back in the mailbox.

However, you cannot return to sender Auspost if you have already opened the item. If you tamper with the pieces, you need to repackage them and pay the return postage.

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Mail Return Solutions That Companies Can Employ

13% of online shoppers don’t buy from businesses if they aren’t happy with their return policy. Hence, Australia Post offers flexible and affordable return services for your business. You can simplify the process to return to sender Auspost for your customers.

The two primary options include:

  • eParcel returns
  • Return Paid parcels

eParcel Returns

This mailing option is ideal for domestic and international returns from New Zealand. You can sign up for this service and let your customer return to sender Auspost conveniently if you send more than 2,000 packages yearly.

Here are the prime features of domestic e-parcel Returns:

  • Customers may contact you regarding a package return, use a prepaid label, or purchase one to arrange for a mail return
  • You can also mention the Australia Post packaging methods for your returns. So, customers have a better idea of how to return mail to sender Australia after packaging it correctly
  • Also, select who pays for the return postage. Ensure that you maintain transparency between you and your customers to smoothen the process to return to sender Auspost
  • Companies can ask their customers to drop off the items at one of the 20,000 locations across Australia
  • Tracking is available for some locations to help you stay updated. The Post Office also sends an email notification to your customers when they scan the items and initiate delivery to return to sender Auspost. This way, you can keep them in the loop and assure them that the return process will be successful
  • Choose between Express Post and Parcel Post to allow customers to return to sender Auspost according to your requirements
  • eParcel Returns also enables customers to print the return labels at a Post Office if they don’t have a printer. Hence, you can make the job easier for them

International e-Parcel Returns are the same as domestic with a few exceptions, like:

  • Only customers in New Zealand can return to sender Auspot because the postal services haven’t included the other countries yet
  • Tracking is available for Express Courier International return mail only
  • You can choose between Express Courier International and Airmail

Return Paid Parcels

It is an apt option for companies that only need a domestic service to return to sender Auspost. However, it does not have a tracking feature like eParcel Returns and is more cost-effective.

Here are its features:

  • You need to provide your unique Return Paid number to customers if they ask- how do I return to sender Australia Post
  • Plus, you can only pay for the mail items that Australia Post delivers back to you
  • The Post Office charges the costs directly to your Australia Post credit account
  • Your customers can drop the return items at any Street Posting Box or Post Office

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How Can PostGrid’s Direct Mail Services Help Simplify Your Print and Mail Processes?

PostGrid offers direct mail automation solutions to companies of all sectors, including healthcare, finance, insurance, real estate, retail and eCommerce, etc. Hence, you can return to sender Auspost and ask your customers to do so effectively.

Our services help you send prepaid envelopes and labels with your mail items. Hence, your customers can return to sender Auspost without buying packaging materials and paying for postage themselves.

Some other features that PostGrid offers are:

  • Design templates: You can choose from our professionally-built templates and create your items in a few minutes. There is no need to hire a graphic designer or get your staff to draft mail pieces manually
  • Print and mail fulfilment: Our direct mail API allows you to print and ship items at all-inclusive rates. Hence, you can send mail or return to sender Auspost without printing labels or affixing stamps on items yourselves
  • Tracking: Real-time tracking makes it easy for you and your customers to stay on the same page. Luckily, PostGrid offers mail tracking for all items that keep you informed at all times

Wrapping Up

Today, customers need an efficient way to return to sender Auspost. They tend to check the returns policy before purchasing anything from businesses. Therefore, you need to employ a robust returns system, and Australia Post can help!

Fortunately, the Post Office offers several options to help businesses that they can select according to their budgets and needs.

Also, automated direct mail solutions like PostGrid help you skip learning how to return to sender Australia Post. All you need to do is integrate our API into your system and start mailing items almost instantly.

Moreover, PostGrif offers postal address verification to help you validate and standardise your mailing lists. It allows you to avoid problems like mail returns and lost items.

Do you want to know more about how PostGrid helps you automate your mailing process and smoothen return to sender Auspost? Request a demo now to get started!

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