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What Is An International Address Verification API?

If your company works with customers, vendors, and business partners globally, you need PostGrid’s international address verification API or software. It helps streamline your business marketing and communications, increasing profits and reducing unnecessary costs.

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  • It is an automated solution that verifies postal addresses outside Australia by comparing them against a reliable address database. Your company needs such services to send packages to any country without getting mail returns. 
  • The official postal service provider of the country typically manages that country’s most authoritative address database. PostGrid’s international address verification API uses similar databases for verifying your international addresses, making it beneficial for your logistics.
  • Our international address verification API can validate international addresses across 245+ countries. It includes all major nations, including the US, the UK, Canada, etc.
  • Although the address database may vary from country to country, the verification process remains the same. PostGrid’s API comes with added capabilities to run better marketing strategies. You can use it as an all-inclusive solution to manage your data and ship to the correct destinations. 
  • You can access advanced features like geocoding and address autocomplete with our international address verification API or software. Our services are ideal for both marketing and communication purposes. PostGrid also helps your business optimise its operational, day-to-day tasks!
  • PostGrid’s API can help you print and mail precious documents, including medical reports, financials, etc. It ensures that your mail reaches its destination regardless of the mailer’s size, shape, or location.
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Why Should You Use PostGrid's International Address Verification API?

There are several compelling reasons for business organisations to use PostGrid’s international address verification API or software. You can use it to accomplish multiple goals, apart from saving time and money. 

Verify Your International Addresses

  • Your company should use PostGrid’s international address verification API to gain the ability to verify international addresses from over 245+ countries. It ensures your international business mail items always reach their destinations without fail.
  • At PostGrid, we use country-specific formats, such as the US address format, for all the mailers we send. Our international address verification API follows the standardised address format to allow the postal workers to ship your items quickly and prevent you from getting mail returns.

Standardise Your International Addresses

  • Our international address verification API involves parsing addresses and writing them in a standardised format—which varies for every country. Take our free demo to experience how PostGrid works and discuss your needs!
  • Most countries use automated equipment to read the delivery data and sort it according to the destination country’s guidelines. Standardised addresses are readable and quickly pass through the postal service provider’s mail processing system. You can ensure high-efficiency levels and grow your customer base.

Bulk Address Verification

  • Our international address verification API comes with a bulk or batch address verification capability. It allows you to verify or validate your addresses in bulk. We provide our clients with a minimalistic and intuitive dashboard that anyone can easily use to bulk verify their addresses.
  • You can download the data onto a CSV file for bulk verification from your CRM solution. Use our web interface or international address verification API to verify those addresses in bulk by uploading the CSV file.

Address Capture

  • Address capture is an add-on feature of PostGrid’s international address verification API. Enabling the address capture function on your website or landing pages allows customers to fill out forms with verified international addresses, enhancing satisfaction and retention.
  • The address capture tool detects the IP location and the user’s text input to suggest verified addresses using this data. By doing so, the international address verification API helps you capture confirmed addresses from the capture point and keep your database clean.

Advanced Geocoding

  • Geocoding involves finding an address’s geographical or lat-long coordinates. You can use this feature to map out the presence of your target audience in specific geographical areas. With the geocoding part, our international address verification API helps formulate better marketing decisions.
  • PostGrid’s geocoding API feature can help businesses identify patterns and clusters of customers living in a specific locality. Companies can use the international address verification API to formulate marketing strategies to boost brand engagement and awareness for particular locations.

Easy Website And Mobile App Integration

  • PostGrid’s international address verification API can integrate seamlessly with your website and mobile apps. Our Zapier integration allows you to implement features like Address Capture and verification to over 1600 apps.
  • You can also access our standalone international address verification API to standardise and verify your address database. It lets you accomplish all this with a zero-code integration using our advanced REST API and comprehensive API documentation.

What Are The Benefits Of Using PostGrid's International Address Verification API?

PostGrid offers numerous address validation features for companies to avoid waste and save costs. It also helps them streamline their activities under one roof and improve productivity among different teams. 

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  • Bulk analysis: You can analyse your business data in large volumes using international address verification API and validate your database within seconds.
  • Verification for delivery: PostGrid features a delivery point verification that tells you whether your business mailer will reach its recipients without trouble. You can benefit from it by predicting the deliverability rates and drafting strategies to combat the issues. 
  • Advanced address matching: Our international address verification solution uses advanced matching technology to find a match for your addresses in the USPS address database and eliminate duplicate addresses.
  • Accurate address verification: PostGrid ensures the validity of your international addresses with the click of a button. It guarantees your global addresses are correct and valid, saving you money and minimising undelivered mail.
  • Address parsing: Our international address verification API uses an address parsing algorithm to split complete addresses into smaller modules. It speeds up the verification process and ensures its accuracy.
  • Data cleaning: Integrating our advanced Restful API with your CRM solution lets you eliminate inaccurate data and gaps in your international address database.
  • Security certification: PostGrid’s international address verification API has advanced security compliances, including PCI DSS Level 1, SOC 2 – IRAP, ISAE 3402, ISO 9001 and 27001. You can ship your packages to the intended recipients safely because we have an in-built system to keep your data confidential. 
  • 24/7 customer support: Our technical assistance team works around the clock to ensure you get all the help you need to get API up and running for your business.
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How Can Your Business Use PostGrid's International Address Verification API?

Companies belonging to a diverse range of industries can benefit from PostGrid’s international address verification API. Some ways our clients use the API solution for their business include the following.

Retail & E-Commerce Companies

  • Our clients in the retail and eCommerce industry use PostGrid’s international address verification API to optimise various aspects of their business. These companies use our solutions to deliver products accurately to their worldwide customers. 
  • Besides product delivery, our API helps accurately process tax forms, optimise compliance communication and more. You may sign up in minutes and automate your transactional, marketing, and compliance mailing to a global audience. 

Healthcare Organisations

  • PostGrid helps some leading healthcare organisations with highly-secure postal mail communication with compliances like HIPAA and GDPR. Our international address verification API allows hospitals and healthcare organisations to send sensitive documents. 
  • Test reports, Explanation Of Benefits (EOB), medical and health records, patient statements, etc., are some documents you can send using PostGrid. 

Banks And Other Financial Institutions

  • Financial sector organisations use our international address verification API for marketing, data management, and customer identity verification. Our clientele includes banks, mutual funds services, insurance providers, and more. 
  • PostGrid’s API enables clients in the financial sector to send essential business letters, such as collection letters, adverse action letters, etc., to their international customers.

Insurance Companies

  • Insurance companies use postal mail to send business correspondence documents. Our international address verification API optimises global mailing for insurers to efficiently send monthly billing statements, renewal declarations, and more. 
  • PostGrid enables them to check client eligibility, process applications, renew policies, etc., using address verification at the lowest rates possible!

Real Estate Organisations

  • Most real estate agents use our international address verification API to validate their property listings. It helps them verify their out-of-state landlord’s address. 
  • PostGrid’s API supports cascade geocoding, which facilitates better address matching. 

How Secure Is PostGrid's International Address Verification API?

PostGrid offers one of the most secure platforms for all your mailing needs, including address verification and automated direct mail. It offers the following international security compliances to protect your sensitive business information.

Address Verification
  • PIPEDA: The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act, or PIPEDA, is a Canadian compliance that protects the data privacy of Canadian citizens.
  • SOC 2: It is a voluntary compliance that includes a detailed auditing procedure that our international address verification API ensures the safety of your business data.
  • HIPAA: The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, ensures the security of US citizens’ sensitive healthcare information. It ensures that we store, access, and transfer patient data with the necessary safety measures.
  • GDPR: Our GDPR or General Data Protection Regulation compliance ensures the safety of your customers in the European Union (EU). It dictates how our international address verification API can use your customer data in the EU.

Drop an email at [email protected] and check out how your business can use PostGrid’s international address verification API to streamline your business operations!

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