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Automate Letter Printing and Mailing API

  • Automate everything from creating your letters to printing and mailing them. PostGrid’s letter API can help you send transactional, compliance, or marketing letters accurately and efficiently.
  • Businesses do not need to look around for trustworthy printers to get their letters printed and stand outside the post office to get them mailed.
  • With an SLA of 2 days, you can be assured that your letter marketing campaigns can be planned and conducted in no time.
  • Integrate your platform with our direct mai API to print and mail with ease. 
  • PostGrid’s direct mail automation software and print and mail API can integrate with your application and draft professional letters, which are to be printed and mailed. All of these tasks will be done without any manual effort from your side. 
  • Improve ROI and create brand awareness with highly personalized letters that are eye-catching and can drive conversions.

What Does PostGrid Provide With Its Letter API??

  • Everything from the start to end in your letter printing & mailing procedure can be done using PostGrid’s letters API. 
  • Letter printing is done through trusted printers near your letters’ destination — to cut down postage costs. 
  • All further steps like letter folding, inserting, stuffing, and sorting are also done in an automated manner — you do not have to do anything rather than making a couple of clicks on your device. 
  • After printing, letter printing API gets the rest of the things done so that they are all set to be mailed to your recipients. Moreover, letters are also automatically mailed. In short, everything is done online.
  • Save hours of your precious time that used to be wasted in folding every letter and stuffing it in an envelope, which needs to be sealed, labeled, and stamped.
  • With our letter print API you can send Physical Mail online such as Standard Class Mail, Certified Mail, First-class mail and priority mail with PostGrid API
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Adding Multiple Pages Per Letter

  • PostGrid’s letter print and mail API allows you to add additional papers for an added cost. 
  • You can send letters with multiple pages in a single envelope. Our print and mail network will take care to draft and print these multiple-page letters efficiently and get them mailed in sturdy envelopes. 
  • Companies sending compliance letters may have to use multiple pages to fit in the various terms and conditions. Contract agreements, employee offer letters, and government forms also come under the “letters” category for mailing purposes.
  • These letters typically consist of more than one page. Our letter mailing API can help you print all these pages and stuff them neatly in custom envelopes – according to your letters’ size.
  • Even personalized marketing letters consisting of product details may need to contain multiple pages – get it all done effortlessly through our print and mail API.

Create Personalized Letters Using High-Quality Paper

  • While sending out letters, businesses need to take care of both their content and appearance — as these letters represent their brand in the market. Hence, personalization and customization become a need.
  • The paper quality used for your letters is always top-notch and attractive-looking. You can select whether you want matte or glossy coated papers. 
  • The quality of the paper depends on the whiteness, coating, and thickness. Talking about thickness, PostGrid’s letters API uses 24 – 64 lb papers to make your letters more noticeable and appealing. 
  • With the help of variable data printing (VDP), you can personalize every letter for better impact. Furthermore, you can use our letter templates and the innumerable customization options.
personalized mails
personalized mails

Post Bulk Letters

  • Sending letters in bulk can be one of the most hectic jobs among all your marketing activities. Use our letter printing API to facilitate on-demand and bulk mailing.
  • Send out batch letters without any trouble. Our letter API is scalable and can process thousands of API requests altogether. Therefore, you can easily print and mail thousands of letters with a single click. 
  • There is no minimum volume requirement for mailing with PostGrid. Our API has unlimited scalability, which enables it to expand and accommodate your mailing needs easily.

Easy API Set-Up

  • The set-up procedure for using our letter printing API is pretty simple and quick. 
  • You do not need to possess some technical expertise to integrate and get started. 
  • Furthermore, the API supports a user-friendly working system that helps you use the API keys quickly and efficiently.
  • You can be up and running in minutes with our letters API.
personalized mails
personalized mails

Integration with Your Software Applications

  • PostGrid’s letter API can integrate with your business software programs, websites, and applications. It can also integrate with a wide range of platforms like Magento, Salesforce, Shopify, Marketo, Zoho, etc. 
  • Our RESTful API integration can help you speedily import your customer details from the CRM and incorporate them into your letters.

CASS Certification and International Mailing

  • Print and mail letters anywhere across the world with our international mailing options. You don’t even need to worry about standardizing the addresses according to the destination country’s postal guidelines.
  • Address standardization, verification, and validation are all done to ensure your addresses are correct, complete, and deliverable.
  • Save money, time, and energy spent in mailing on wrong addresses—no more losses due to such address. 
  • PostGrid’s letter printing API is CASS certified. That enables it to check your addresses against the USPS database.
  • PostGrid uses the postal database of about 190 countries to return mailable addresses for you for international destinations.
personalized mails
personalized mails

API Keys and Authentication

  • You can find and use your API keys by logging into your account and accessing your dashboard.
  • Incorporate these keys and get started with your letter printing and mailing process.
  • API requests are protected through HTTP basic authentication. At PostGrid, you can find the highest levels of security and data privacy.
  • You can authenticate multiple users to access your dashboard and change permission levels at any time. These steps assure a safe mailing environment.

View and Track Your Letters

  • You can view the status of your sent letters anytime after shipping them and track them in real-time. 
  • This way, you can be confident that your letters will be delivered in the said time. PostGrid’s letter mailing API facilitates speedy deliveries through the USPS.
  • Track easily through your dashboard and get quick glimpses of your letters’ progress.
personalized mails
personalized mails

No Hardware and Software Requirements

  • With PostGrid’s letter printing and mailing API, businesses can be completely worry-free. There is absolutely no need to purchase and maintain printers, weigh scale, metering equipment, folding, and stuffing machines. 
  • Improve your employee’s morale and office space productivity by getting away with the need to possess expensive hardware and software.
  • You don’t have to worry about having a complicated software program for printing and mailing letters. Simply integrate our API with your application, and you are good to go.

Best Rates and Speedy Delivery

  • To avail of the best printing rates and postal discounts, use our letter mailing API. 
  • No need to pay separately to your graphic designer, printer, and mail vendor; pay a single price for everything altogether, which allows you to grab the best rates for the highest quality of letters you can get.
  • Ensure speedy delivery and get rid of problems associated with lost or delayed mail.
personalized mails
personalized mails

Campaign Analytics and Reporting

  • Receive complete campaign analytics and meaning statistics to measure your campaign performance.
  • Companies can insert unique phone numbers, coupon codes, and URLs to track results and analyze them using PostGrid’s analytics.
  • Our letters API can help you get detailed reports that enable you to know what kind of letters work the best for you and the other things that need to be modified, added, or removed.

Draft personalized letters and get them printed and mailed using PostGrid’s letters API.

Our direct mail automation platform allows you to easily print and mail any direct mail collateral, checks, or transactional and compliance documents with checks API.

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