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  • Automate the creating, printing, and sending process of your direct mail
  • No more do you need to remember dates or times. Set the sending date of any of your events’ mail pieces and forget. They’ll be sent at the desired time with PostGrid without any trouble
  • No manual effort is needed from your side
  • No more running to the printing labs and post office
  • Choose a mailing option based on your requirements
  • Track and measure the results with on-time delivery merely from your dashboard
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How Does a Postal API or Snail Mail API Work

  • Integrate Postal API with your system and fetch all of your customer details within minimal time
  • Automate the mailing process of your direct mail and set triggered mails for the future
  • Personalize each of your direct mail pieces with your customers’ first name, company’s logo or URL, or any other details you may want to add
  • With PostGrid’s address verification API, you can also validate your mailing list, remove all the duplicate address details, and fix all the incorrect data

Facilitates Address Verification and Cleansing

  • PostGrid provides entry point verification and tells you the deliverability status of all of the addresses
  • You can also integrate the postal API on your checkout page to help your customers enter their details faster and more correctly
  • PostGrid helps make the necessary changes in the customers’ addresses before the transaction process
  • It also parses and standardizes all of the addresses to keep them in the right format, as per the Australian postal service provider
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Post Grid Transactional Mails

Provides Multi-carrier Mailing Alternatives

  • PostGrid provides you with multiple mailing carriers and delivery options to choose from.
  • You can choose the one according to your needs. For instance, if you need to send a single document or launch a complete direct mail marketing campaign, you can change your delivery option preferences accordingly.
  • You can also choose the alternatives based on your budget and urgency.

Allows Real-time Tracking

  • If telling your customers about the shipment status and the expected delivery time is how you operate, then PostGrid is one of the best options for you.
  • PostGrid helps you track each of your direct mail and update your customers about their package’s whereabouts.
  • It also helps you keep a complete record of your direct mail delivery times.
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Easy Integration

  • You also get PostGrid’s RESTful API to integrate with your payroll, accounting software, and CRM
  • PostGrid’s Zapier integration enables you to connect over 1600 apps and automate their functioning
  • With PostGrid in place, you can develop an efficient mailing infrastructure on your website

Detailed Reporting

  • With PostGrid, you also get timely and complete analytical reports of your launched direct mail marketing campaigns
  • You can get all the records instantly with a single click

No Inventory Stocking and Hardware Requirements

  • PostGrid’s postal API enables you to eliminate in-house printing and keep the stock of all inventory like papers, stamps, envelopes, paper clips, staples, and ink cartridges for your printing process.
  • With PostGrid, you can get all of your mail pieces printed in bulk by giving commands from your dashboard.
  • This step also enables you to free up space in your office and reduce manual efforts.
  • No more do you need to keep the big machines and additional staff to operate them.
  • PostGrid also enables you to reduce the cost of maintenance and stocks. Furthermore, you can use the free space and staff for other more productive tasks for the company.
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Conduct Direct Mail Campaigns

  • PostGrid enables you to monitor and control your direct mail marketing campaigns at any time from anywhere on any device, merely from your dashboard.
  • Just integrate your system with PostGrid’s postal API and get started.
  • PostGrid provides a wide variety of marketing collateral for you to choose from.
  • From designing your direct mail sample to getting it printed and mailed in bulk, PostGrid assists you in all.

Better Marketing Opportunities

  • PostGrid also offers a postcard API to send multiple postcards to your existing and potential clients for different occasions like birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, etc.
  • You can also personalize each of those postcards for your prospects and customers.
  • Once you’ve sent the postcard, you can track them and get a complete analytical report of their performance.
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Scalable API

  • PostGrid allows you to send any number of direct mail pieces in multiple sizes using postal API.
  • You can use PostGrid’s test and live API keys to test your API calls before entering the live environment.
  • PostGrid enables you to handle tens of thousands of API calls together and scale your direct mail marketing campaign at any time.

Automate and Get Complete Mailing Fulfillment

  • Fetch your customers’ addresses, validate them, choose the shipping option as per your needs, and automate the sending of your direct mails.
  • PostGrid also enables you to set triggered direct mail and send multiple direct mail pieces automatically this way.
  • PostGrid ensures on-time and secure delivery of all of your essential documents, postcards, checks, invoices, or any other mail pieces.
  • Plus, with the complete analytical reports, you can decide which direct mail marketing campaigns to launch and which ones to stall.
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Avoid Lost mail and Reshipping

  • Sending each of your direct mail pieces manually by completing all the required tasks takes a lot of time, money, and resources. Thus, companies end up wasting their valuable time and assets, which is why PostGrid is built. With PostGrid’s postal API, you can stop doing all the essential but tedious tasks manually and let the machine handle them with ease.
  • With PostGrid’s address verification API in place, you can reduce your bounce rate and improve your response rate.
  • Every address is checked for the delivery status before sending any direct mail.

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail through seamless integration capabilities.

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