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Postcards Printing and Mailing API

  • Postcards are small and intact marketing collaterals that can be used by companies to communicate with their audiences.
  • Compelling messages, eye-catching graphics, and a clear CTA can increase engagement and response levels.
  • With an API like PostGrid, printing & mailing postcards is a breeze.
    Sending postcards online is affordable and effective. They can be sent in several sizes and shapes, increasing their impact on marketing activities.
  • You can easily design, print, and mail postcards with the help of a postcard API that is made specifically for your postcard printing and mailing tasks.
  • It can help you integrate with your system and directly import details for incorporating high personalization options into your postcards.

What Can You Do with a Postcards API?

  • Design beautiful postcards for your direct mail campaigns
  • Choose from among various printing, color, image, and background alternatives
  • Communicate with your audiences with powerful messages
  • Personalize your postcards for better impact
  • Print and mail solutions for postcards on-demand or at bulk as per your needs
  • Increase ROI with high engagement rates
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Steps Involved in Postcards Printing and Mailing

  • A postcard has various elements that need to be planned and designed. On every postcard, there is a picture, a greeting text, an advertising message, an offer, and a logo required, along with the company’s contact details.
  • You can try different combinations of colors, fonts, images, sizes, graphics, and backgrounds. You can also save all the different designs to compare and select. 
  • Once designed, you can send the postcard using the API
  • With variable data printing, you can personalize your postcards. 
  • You can select from the different paper stock options for printing.
  • After printing, PostGrid automatically selects the best postal carrier for your postcard mailings from options like USPS, UPS, and FedEx. 
  • Your postcards will be printed and mailed by PostGrid’s API within two days after the completion of these steps. 
  • The tracking details can be accessed through the dashboard, and you can view the status of all your postcards in real-time.

API Integration

  • Integrate the postcard API with your platform. PostGrid’s API can integrate with any platform or CRM system. 
  • You can integrate easily using our API documentation. Moreover, our zero-code Zapier integration lets you connect with over 1,600 apps. 
  • Sign up and get your API keys. For technical support, you can always call our toll-free number. 
  • Do away with hours of printing and labeling postcards. With PostGrid’s API, you can automate everything and sit back as we get it all done. 
  • We have a 2-days SLA, enabling you to conduct direct mail marketing campaigns in a short time. 
  • Businesses can be up and running within a couple of minutes with our easy-to-install API. 
  • The integration is very simple, and there is no technical expertise required for it. Hence, you don’t have to worry about anything with PostGrid. 
  • Our API reduces postcard printing and mailing tasks to a few clicks and makes it as easy as sending an email.
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CASS Verification and Safe Mailing

  • Addresses mailed to through PostGrid’s API are cross-checked with the USPS database to make sure that they are deliverable and valid. PostGrid’s Print and Mail API is CASS certified. 
  • It has the ability to verify all addresses against the USPS database in minutes and make the necessary modifications to make them deliverable. 
  • PostGrid’s print network is HIPAA, PIPEDA, and SOC-2 compliant. Our API is in-built to keep your data confidential. 
  • It adheres to all data security and privacy laws strictly. Companies can print and send postcards with our API confidently.

In-Built Templates and Customization Options

  • You don’t have to worry about hiring a designing team to design your postcards for direct mail solutions
  • Easy customisation and personalisation capabilities with built in HTML editing system
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Tracking and Analytics

  • Do you want to track your postcards in real-time and see how they perform? PostGrid provides all the tracking details instantly after mailing your postcards and makes detailed analytics available for you to know about your campaign’s performance. 
  • With personalized URLs, QR codes, and unique phone numbers – you can track all responses and act upon them.

Automate and Send Event-Triggered Postcard Mailing:

  • Send postcards on your customers’ birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions, or send postcards with time-sensitive offers. 
  • Join your existing and potential customers in their life journey and market your brand in accordance with it to build personal connections – useful for customer loyalty and retention. 
  • With PostGrid’s postcard API, you can print and mail postcards from anywhere and at any time. 
  • It provides complete automation for all the tasks involved in the process. 
  • There are no manual efforts required whatsoever. Using the API, you can automate everything from designing, printing, and labeling to mailing.
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  • Enhance your offline communications with personalized postcards. 
  • It enriches the quality of your postcards and grabs the attention of your audience easily. 
  • Use the variable data printing option offered by a postcards API like PostGrid to personalize every postcard with the recipient’s details to make them feel delighted.

Free Address Verification and Validation

  • Avoid lost mail with the address verification and standardization solutions offered by PostGrid’s postcard API.
  • PostGrid’s address verification API is CASS certified ensuring higher delivery rate and seamless mailing efficiency.
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Send Few Postcards or Conduct Bulk Mailing

  • A postcard API can allow you to send any number of postcards altogether.  
  • Simply use our postcard API to start designing, printing, and sending in bulk – without any additional time or effort. 
  • PostGrid enables you to bring down costs for bulk mailing with competitive pricing plans. 
  • PostGrid’s API is scalable and can print and send thousands of postcards in one go. However, you can even send as little as one postcard as per your needs.
  • PostGrid is ideal for both large scale corporations conducting huge direct mail marketing campaigns and small businesses sending bespoke postcards to their loyal customers. 
  • All orders are given equal importance.

24x7 Technical Support:

  • You can get free technical support 24×7 if you face any difficulties while setting up or integrating the API with your system. 
  • PostGrid’s technical team will instantly get back to you and solve your problems. 
  • You can always ask your queries through call, email, live chat, or online help forms.
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Boost Business and Increase Direct Sales

  • PostGrid’s Direct Mail API makes it easy for companies to generate new leads through highly personalized and attention-grabbing postcards. Moreover, lead tracking abilities enable businesses to follow-up efficiently. 
  • They can also re-engage old customers by sending them interesting postcards with great offers. 
  • Along with marketing, companies can use PostGrid’s postcards API for generating a positive ROI with direct sales. 
  • You can include compelling offers in your postcards, follow-up on all the leads, and close deals easily with our API. 
  • Businesses use them frequently to generate more and more sales and get valuable customers.

Improve Brand Image

  • Postcards API can be used to print and mail postcards for branding purposes. 
  • You can improve your brand image and increase awareness through branded postcards having your logo and a summary of your products and services. 
  • Postcards are an excellent way to advertise your brand and make it well-known among your audiences.
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Appreciate Your Customers by Sending Postcards

  • Get repeat business by retaining your customers and re-engaging them continuously. 
  • Postcards API can help you send thank you postcards or other appreciation direct mail to convey a gesture of thankfulness to your customers and encourage them to buy from you again. 
  • This step can help businesses strengthen their relationships with their customers and maintain loyalty. You can also include customer loyalty bonuses and discounts.

Send Reminders, New Offers, and Announcements Postcards

  • Send postcards to people who abandon their shopping carts on your website to remind and prompt them to complete their checkouts. 
  • It is an excellent way to get new customers and connect with them from the beginning of their customer journey with you. 
  • For companies that provide services, postcards can be sent as appointment reminders like – medical checkups, monthly hair spas, annual car repair services, and others. 
  • PostGrid’s API can be used for printing and mailing postcards containing announcements about upcoming events, product launches, and much more. 
  • Keep your audience informed and connected with your company with these announcement postcards. 
  • New offers, discounts, coupons, and giveaways can be communicated with your targeted customers with the help of postcards API. 
  • PostGrid can help you design, print, and send out postcards with time-sensitive offers speedily and effortlessly.
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Full Suite of PostGrid API

Postcard API

  • Postcard API is used as a postal API that allows you to print and mail postcards.
  • Postcard printing & mailing solution is an inevitable part of businesses; as they ought to keep sending postcards to their old customers and clients, or send them as part of a direct mail marketing campaign.
  • Colorful postcards with impactful texts and inducing offers work great for marketing.
  • All businesses can use it for marketing, irrespective of their size and industry.

Letter API

  • Letter printing and mailing has become very simple and quick with PostGrid’s letter API.
  • It can help a person or a company send personal, business-related, transactional, and complaint letters.
  • PostGrid can help draft the letters easily and get them printed and shipped – everything in an automated way.
  • Healthcare, accounting, law, fashion, tourism, e-commerce, and all other types of industries can make use of our letter API to print and mail their letters online accurately and effortlessly.

Check API

  • For check printing and mailing, you can use the check API.
  • This API typically has the ability to draft your checks according to your bank’s standards and print them using the MICR font.
  • It can help you follow all the security protocols while printing your own checks and sending them with complete precision.
  • Businesses that need to make payments through checks can use PostGrid’s check API to draft, print, and mail their checks without any worries.

Document API

  • Banks and financial institutions need to send out past-due notices, credit card bills, account statements, TnC change notices, and other documents to their customers.
  • The document API can help print and mail documents in the required timeframe. PostGrid’s document API ensures confidentiality and security while printing and shipping documents.
  • It can help you keep track of all your documents and send them automatically as per your needs.
  • Other than banks, many other types of organizations are also required to send documents like invoices, contracts, and notices to their customers or clients.
  • A document API can take care of all these tasks over a single system.

Address Verification API 

PostGrid’s Address Verification API comes free coupled with any of the above API however they can also be purchased as a standalone product if address verification and validation is the sole purpose. Our address verification API is both CASS and SERP certified ensuring higher accuracy.

More About PostGrid’s Postal API

  • PostGrid’s postal API allows you to send any of these direct mail swiftly.
  • Our all-in-one solution can help you in every step of your printing and mailing tasks, and allows you to complete these processes in a hassle-free way.
  • PostGrid’s API is scalable, flexible, and adaptable.
  • It can help you draft your documents, personalize each one of them, verify the recipient’s postal address, print your mail, and send them – without you having to stock any inventory and use manual efforts.

PostGrid’s API for postcard printing and mailing can easily and efficiently help businesses carry out direct mail campaigns. Transform the look of your marketing activities and drive conversions.

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