Automate Invoice Printing and Mailing With PostGrid

No matter what your business type is, you need to send multiple invoices. They’re a crucial part of your business life. You simply cannot afford to skip it. You need to keep this process running smoothly.

Now, printing and mailing all the billing statements and checks can be hectic for you and your team. Thus, if you’re any firm that needs to send multiple regular invoices, then you should get it done with an automated API. It helps all of your tasks to run seamlessly and on time.

Another thing you should note is that when you send your invoices, they should be complete, accurate, and show your professionalism. Plus, they should prompt the payments needed to be made.

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You can also personalize each of your invoices, whether it’s just one or one thousand. Here’s a list of other features that you can leverage with PostGrid.

  • Choose a template and send invoices on time.
  • Despite your industry type, we process each kind of invoice.
  • Get highly professional and customized invoices shipped to reflect the excellent image of your company.
  • Get paid on time by setting triggered follow-up direct mails using PostGrid. It can help you do that automatically and safely. 
  • Add a call to action at the end of your invoice to emphasize your customers to pay now.

Features of PostGrid's Invoice Printing and Mailing Solutions

PostGrid’s print and mail invoice API offers you the following features:

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Highly Personalized Invoices

  • You can customize each of the invoices you send with the first name of your client or customer. Plus, you can also use these invoices for branding purposes by getting your business logo or personalized URL printed.
  • To fetch all of your customers’ details within minimal time, you’d need to integrate PostGrid with your system.
  •  You can also send event-driven invoices using PostGrid just by setting the date and time when they’re needed to be sent.

Print and Mail Your Invoices Reliably and Securely

  • All the invoices sent through PostGrid are secure as we have a partnership only with the CI DSS Level 1, ISAE 3402, SOC 2 – IRAP (Australia), ISO 9001, ISO 27001 compliant printing partners.
  • All of your invoices are processed and shipped within two business days. Hence, we assure timely services.
  • You can view your files, invoices that’s been sent, and the total number of direct mail sent through your dashboard whenever you want.
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Easy and Real-Time Tracking

  • You can easily check the status of your invoices from your dashboard.
  • Based on the information you get, you can pass the further details to the downstream staff.
  • You can also track all of the billing statements and checks you send until they finally reach the recipient.
  • All the tracking reports are made available in your dashboard. All you’d need to do is log in with your required credentials.
  • No more do you need to multitask or run back and forth from multiple print vendors to post offices to get your invoices printed and shipped on time.

Initiate an Effective Mailing System

  • Get better quality data by enabling our address validation software to check your mailing list’s information.
  • Incorporate PostGrid with your system and fetch your customers’ details within minimal time and get them verified within seconds.
  • All the addresses then present in your system will be deliverable and highly accurate.
  • No identical address will remain in your database multiple times. PostGrid ensures to remove all such duplicate data.
  • You can also set triggered campaigns to send automatic invoices.
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Carry Out Invoice Print and Mail Fulfillment

  • Keep your finances stable by printing and mailing your invoices right on time.
  • PostGrid fulfils all of your billing statement orders within the timing you have set to ensure timely payments. You can also set to send follow-up direct mails to get paid on time.
  • You can begin using PostGrid within minutes. Setting it up is pretty simple. Plus, you get customer support 24×7.
  • All you have to do is upload the required information through invoice printing and mailing API. The rest of the work, viz., creating, signing, stamping, printing, folding, sealing, and shipping will be our responsibility. And your order goes seamlessly.
  • Just set the preferences, and all of your unpaid invoices will be sent on time.

How PostGrid Assists You in Transactional Communications Through Invoice Printing and Mailing Solution?

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  • PostGrid enables you to connect with your customers at a personal level by sending customized direct mails to offer discounts.
  • We have provided a number of templates in our template resources library. You can choose any one of them to create your direct mail sample.
  • We also provide you with a feature to upload your company’s templates or create your mail piece’s sample from scratch using our HTML in-build editor.
  • You can choose the formatting based on your preferences.
  • We have also made available the different options like the size of the paper, ink, envelope, colours, and formats for you to choose from.
  • You can also customize your sample further according to your branding needs from the additional insert option.

Conserve Your Time and Resources

  • Reduce the time your employees spend preparing and sending invoices and get them to do more productive work that benefits your company in different ways.
  • Save money and resources by operating the whole printing and shipping work done by software.
  • Send direct mail pieces of any size without paying any hidden cost – yes, PostGrid enables you to do that.
  • Get all of your invoices printed and mailed with one click merely from your dashboard.
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Facilitate Accurate Invoice Printing and Mailing

  • When you integrate PostGrid with your system, it fetches all the details of your customers right from your system. Thus, ensuring no error made that, otherwise, may happen if you decide to copy-paste or write it manually.
  • The dates and the amount you enter is double checked before processing any invoice.
  • PostGrid’s print & mail solution is reliable and highly secure.
  • With on-time delivery, you get faster payments. Plus, you can get all the reports of your mailpieces from your dashboard.

Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

Easily Improve your workflow and automate print & mail through seamless integration capabilities.

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