What Can You Do With Our Print & Mail Solutions

Automate Time Consuming Print and Mail Operations

  • Create personalized letters, postcards and cheques through an unified API 
  • Boost customer engagement with personalized mail pieces and increase response rate with timely delivery.
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Scalable Solution and Faster Turnaround Time

  • Scale your direct mail campaigns any time
  • Get ensured two-days mail delivery

Secure Mail Delivery, Track and Analyze the Campaign

  • Keep your data confidential with HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant system
  • Track all the sent mail pieces, and know their whereabouts at every touchpoint
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Integrate the System and Verify the Data

  • Incorporate your data tools, CRM, or marketing automation platform with our developer docs or directly use your data to print and mail quickly
  • Zapier integration to incorporate over 1600+ apps
  • API address verification for accurate database and decreasing mail returns

What You Can Send With Our Automated Print & Mail Services Platform

How Does Print & Mail Solutions Work?

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Send Personalized Mail

  • Get the customer’s first name, your company logo, or a personal message printed on your mailpieces.
  • Upload your own or customize with an HTML editing system to have personalised mail for greater impact.

Print Mail in Bulk

  • Print any number of direct mail – from one to one thousand, PostGrid processes them all.
  • Get your mail printed any time in any city across the US with our vast network of printing labs.
  • Get splendid deals on your printing mail pieces due to bulk printing.
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Choose Your Sending Item

  • Apart from direct mail, you can choose to send invoices, letters, postcards, one-pager, billing statements, account statements, checks, compliance notices, thank you notes, appointment reminders, surveys, recognition awards, or any other related item
  • All the mailpieces mentioned above are cost-efficient, customized, and personalized.

Easy to Use API

  • Integrate your CRM tool with PostGrid and fetch the data (addresses, contact details, names, and others) with a single click.
  • Incorporate over 1600+ apps for ease and a better experience.
  • Access everything from a single dashboard.
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Address verification

  • Verify thousands of addresses – fetched from your tool – in seconds.
  • Enable entry point address verification.
  • Clean all the data, and remove all the information gaps.

On-Time Delivery

  • Two days SLA
  • Less returned or lost mail
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Stored Logs for Compliance

Secure Data Processing

  • With the HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant system, your customers’ information is secure.
  • Gain the trust of your customers by keeping their privacy details confidential.
  • Send sensitive financial documents without worrying about any data leakage.

Track and Analyze

  • Know the exact whereabouts of your mailers from despatch to the time of delivery.
  • Collateral level updates available in terms of number of mail printed, processed and on route to delivery
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Scale, Edit, and Automate

  • Scale your direct mail marketing campaigns anytime.
  • Edit and update the content of your mail pieces whenever you want.
  • Automate the entire process and kick start direct mail advertising with a single click.

Reliable 24/7 customer support

  • If you get stuck in the process anywhere, can’t get your API success call, or you’re unable to understand anything – contact us.
  • Visit our troubleshooting FAQs page for instant solutions.
  • Or send us an email, and we’ll be at your service
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Make More Profit

  • Unlike our close competitors, we provide all the services mentioned above at a very affordable price.
  • With us, you not only spend less but also reduce misspending by mailing only to valid addresses.
  • Generate more revenue through happy and satisfied customers.

Benefits of Automated Print & Mail Services

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Easy management:

Select the design, format, number of prints, and upload the message you want to convey from a single dashboard with a few clicks, and leave the rest on us.

Work with experts:

With our vast network of quality print labs, you can get instant and quality designs printed. Need an emergency print done? PostGrid is the way to go.

Get a great deal at prices:

Due to the volume of prints, we get our customers great deals per print prices – it’s hard to get it as an individual company.

Any format and any size:

From letters to signage, get everything printed as swiftly as 1-2-3. Fill the campaign details → Send → Get it done.


Automate the whole process and save time, money, resources, employee potential, and the hassle to do repeated tasks.


Your customers’ confidential information is secure with this HIPAA/PIPEDA Compliant program. From general to sensitive data—you can send it all.

Easy to use:

Eliminate all the large machines, big teams, running back and forth, and control all the tasks with a single dashboard from your computer screen.

Save time, money, and resources:

Design, print, and mail automatically only to the verified addresses with PostGrid—eventually save resources and improve returns.

Who uses print and mail services

The businesses who need to send the following mail use these services:

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Transactional Mail

Businesses use them more than often. Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Order receipts: Whenever customers purchase an item/s from a company, they receive a confirmation order receipt. With PostGrid, you can make those receipts personalized by including the customer’s first name, a personal message, or your brand logo – eventually, get engaged customers and increase your brand awareness.
  • Thank you mail: Sending your customers a thank you letter for various activities like purchasing from you, signing up for your newsletter or services, joining a segment, referring your brand to another customer, or even complaining about something—makes them feel valued.
  • Invoices: If you email an invoice, your customers may overlook it, but if you mail the bill in a tangible form of paper, they’ll find it hard to avoid. It emphasizes the customers to pay the bill on time. With PostGrid, you can personalize and send regular invoices automatically.
  • Financial statements: More than often, most businesses send their customers regular reports of their overall money spent on the services and products, breaking them down into several categories. Transactional direct mail are the best way to do this, and with PostGrid, you can also add a personalized message with them.
  • Debt recovery letters: Sending debt recovery emails may get avoided on purpose and never get opened. However, sending a physical mail stating urgency is hard to keep away from. Most banks and financial institutions use transactional mail services because of its tangible form.
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  • Renewal letters: Often, businesses that run the monthly or yearly subscription services use transactional mail to inform the customers to renew their subscription or alert the new customers to cancel the subscription. The tangible form of letters is the best way to do it, as they’re hard to ignore.
  • Notices: Notifying the customers about new changes in their account details, your company policies, or any other significant security changes through transactional direct mail is a very common practice. And with PostGrid, you can not only send them these transactional direct mails but also personalize them.
  • New signups: More than often, businesses need to send signup letters in various forms, for example, confirmation letters, welcome letters, security details like pin or password, and others. It’s always a good idea to send transactional direct mails for these occasions. They’re more personalized and give your audience the impression that you’re in direct contact with them.

Marketing mail

Marketing through digital platforms, no wonder, is the most popular these days. But it’s often way easier to get lost in a crowd when other billions are also involved in the same thing. On the other hand, direct marketing mail bring more response than any other marketing form because it’s less popular and works like a charm. With PostGrid, you can design, print, and mail the following – but not limited to – marketing mail:

  • Letters and envelopes: You can send personalized messages and envelopes not only to your customers but also to your potential customers, just by knowing their whereabouts and demographics.
  • PostCards: If you’re hosting an event, sale, or want to get your customers to visit your website or store, you can send them customized postcards.
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How to Use Our Print & Mail API

Create, launch, and automate—as simple as that.

Here’s the detailed process for how to do it:

  • Integrate your CRM tool (mainly website) with PostGrid
  • Create an account
  • Sign-in to the dashboard
  • Link it with your marketing campaign
  • PostGrid will get your designs printed and mailed to the right recipients

If your potential customers enter the campaign at a different time, PostGrid automatically sends them your mail through API.

Start your direct mail campaign in less time and
improve your returns more than ever.
Everything is just a click away


Integrates with your favourite tech stack & tools

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