On-Demand and Bulk Statement Printing and Mailing Solutions

Companies are often caught up in the process of executing transactional communications. With PostGrid, you can outsource your statement printing and mailing to free up your mind and time to focus on your business’s core areas. Financial, medical, tax, utility, rental, and bank statements are some examples of statements that are frequently in function. Our solutions are suitable for all models of businesses. Trust PostGrid with your vital statements and see how you can economically and quickly get it all done, printed, and delivered on-demand and in bulk.

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Statements are needed to be sent every now and then as a part of regular transactions or one-time transactions. There is always a need to draft, print, pack, and send it promptly and accurately. Due to the complexities like graphics, layouts, industrial standards, timeframes, and security, statement printing and mailing could get difficult and time-consuming.

  • PostGrid helps you with everything from processing, printing, stuffing, sealing, storing, and mailing statements. 
  • All these tasks are done, by experts, with top-notch quality.
  • Keep your revenue streams flowing regularly.
  • Centralize your communications and marketing in one place.
  • Smoothen client relations and payments both at the same time.
  • Securely remit your statements frequently without the hassles involved in the process.

Features of PostGrid’s Automated Statement Printing and Mailing Solutions

PostGrid’s statement printing and mailing services are beyond just getting the work done. The various benefits of our platform assist you in your operations and assure maximized ROI.

Personalize Your Statements

Ensure that all the financial or medical statement printing and mailing is done in a personalized way.

  • Integrate with our secure print mail API and get all the details linked for quick and better personalization. This integration saves up your work of manually adding in the details to the platform for drafting your statements.
  • Statements have a lot of numbers and details which needs to be added and are different for every other document. Using the API will lessen your burden and get everything automatically done.
  • Also, add additional notes, messages, or marketing pieces along as per your requirements. Personalization with variable data helps in sending the right statements to the right people avoiding any data leaks.
  • PostGrid’s API will guide you to make this an easy and quick process.
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Ensure Data Security at Every Stage

All types of statements contain highly sensitive information. Any kind of data breach cannot be afforded, making security concerns rise.

  • With PostGrid, ensure your peace of mind knowing that all your data and statements are in the right hands. We follow complete adherence to security regulations and data privacy laws. All our partners are HIPAA/PIPEDA compliant ensuring heightened safety and secure processing.
  • All safety protocols are followed. Quality control is taken care of, and orders are fulfilled with high protection.
  • Also, the location, where your statements are handled, is secured and operated with the highest confidentiality.
  • We impart trust and confidence to our clients by our safe and efficient methods of statement printing and mailing.

Track Your Statements in Real-Time

It is essential that you know the status of your sent statements in real-time and regularly get the progress reports. PostGrid has made it very simple for you to do it.

  • You can simply log in to your account with your credentials and access the dashboard. The status of each and every statement sent will be visible to you. This step facilitates decision-making accordingly.
  • From drafting and printing to packing and mailing, you can see the progress at every stage. It lets you have better control over your printing and statement mailing procedures.
  • Our Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) system ensures that 2D tracking barcodes are attached to every statement for real-time and accurate reports.
  • Locations of your recipients are tracked in advance to allow bundling of statements going to the same area. It minimizes the postal rates and increases the turnaround time.
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Build High-Quality Mailing Lists

A mailing list is the most important feature of statement printing and mailing services. These lists should have the right addresses to ensure that the statements are not bounced back or delivered to the wrong place.

  • With API integrations, you can quickly build new mailing lists as it fetches all your data. This data is compiled into one whole list of people who owe you or to whom specific statements have to be sent.
  • Any number of addresses can be easily added, verified, and standardized to get a high-quality mailing list built.
  • Targeted mailing lists help segment your data further according to other factors like time due, payment amounts, and client histories to send the statements accordingly.
  • We make use of local postal addresses to verify the addresses in your mailing list. This verification process is completely automated and gets finished within minutes.
  • Also, with the help of NCOA (National Change of Address), all addresses are regularly updated, and old addresses are automatically filtered out from the system.

Statement Printing and Mailing Fulfillment

Carry out financial, utility, and medical statement printing and mailing without any hassles or stress. Get everything sorted from start to end using PostGrid’s statement printing and mailing services.

  • Increase the readability and impact of your messages through professional statements that are of high-quality prints and design. Induce payments by sending precise, simple, and straightforward statements to your clients. Everything on it should be noticeable and should convince the recipient to pay as soon as possible.
  • Any additional inserts can be mailed along through our platform just as easily. This additional personalization is also perfectly fulfilled by our API.
  • Healthcare, banks, insurance, utility, and other institutions widely use these printing and statement mailing solutions to ensure order fulfillments whenever required.
  • Our online portal is very easy to navigate and all the features are meant to help you out. It is a point of access for you to manage your files, upload any statements, perform integrations, approve changes, and monitor progress. 
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How PostGrid Solves All the Problems Associated With Statement Printing and Mailing and Assists You in Your Business Operations?

There are a number of problems that occur while handling statement printing and mailing in-house. Investments in equipment, training staff, buying materials, messily storing everything till mailing are just a few of the many difficulties your in-house team face. PostGrid takes your troubles away with direct mail automation software, which replaces your concerns with jaw-dropping results.

Free up Your Staff and Save Your Resources

Imagine having to run to a meeting with a couple of printed notes and your printer is jammed by some statements or other medical statement printing. Plus, your employee who is supposed to print your notes is already working on these statements. It leads to time as well as infrastructure issues.

  • PostGrid helps you save immense time that your staff would spend on individually drafting, printing, enveloping, and mailing the statements.
  • They no longer have to run back and forth to the post office or get materials for print from time-to-time.
  • This free time can be used for other productive business-generating tasks.
  • All your office resources like paper, envelopes, stamps, and printing ink are also reserved for important administrative and company purposes, rather than printing and mailing statements every time.
  • You also save a lot on postage, payroll, and production costs.
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Customize Everything as per Your Needs With No More Plain, Ignorable Statements.

Brand loyalty and customer satisfaction are greatly determined by the look of the statements and the purpose it serves. If there is a design inaccuracy or if a layout is cluttered, it becomes difficult to read the statement and locate entries. Furthermore, it completely damages the purpose of high customer engagement and leads to unnecessary frustrated prospects.

  • Avoid such things from happening with PostGrid’s statement printing and mailing solutions.
  • The in-built template editor lets you modify layouts as per your exact need.
  • Strategically insert texts or messages to catch the eye of the recipients by the personalized messaging feature.
  • Document redesigning has never been easier. Refresh the appearance and present your brand with customized statements. These documents will not only do its function of prompting payments but will also have a more professional approach for marketing.
  • Branded statements with suited colors, texts, information, and company logos are powerful documents to get business done in the right manner.
  • Never miss a chance at marketing with our appealing layout and customization options.

Decrease Manual Efforts and Let Automation Handle Everything

Statement printing and mailing demand manual efforts to draft and print the letters, put them in envelopes, seal them, and send them to the delivery offices. This manual labor is of monotonous nature and can be pretty annoying. When a company has to regularly get these tasks done one after the other, it affects the productivity and sanity of the staff.

  • Use PostGrid as your statement printing and mailing solutions provider to eliminate the tiredness behind these tasks completely.
  • Outsourcing it to us will not only decrease your manual efforts but will get everything done perfectly and quickly.
  • Our automation tool for statement printing and mailing does everything in a few clicks and lets you control everything online.
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Get Error-Free and Precise Mailing Done

Statements are prone to errors when drafted and sent manually. PostGrid removes all chances of inaccuracies and mistakes.

  • PostGrid’s automation software can replace the complex procedure to generate statements one by one for every client every time.
  • All you have to do is integrate PostGrid with your CRM, eCommerce, or enterprise system, make a few selections, and order the API to do everything. Every statement will be stored and lined up to be printed and mailed. You can view and download these statements anytime for your reference.
  • Better client engagement is guaranteed through the level of accuracy in our statement printing and mailing steps. It delivers your mail at the right time and motivates the client to pay.
  • Error-free statements make sure that the payments received are exact with no deductions, delays, or confusion. It’s a great accomplishment for every business.

Know the History and Performance of Your Statements in the Form of Timely Reports

Detailed analytics regarding the production, print, and mail of your statements are available for you. You can always view and track the status of your statements.

  • Stabilize your cash flows by sending statements regularly. Follow-up calls and direct mail can be done using the reports.
  • Monthly account reports are all displayed for you in various formats for clear understanding and sending further statements accordingly.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Statements, and Why Does Statement Printing and Mailing Require Automation?

Statements are basically transaction reports summarizing the details of your financial activities. The entire procedure to draft, print, and mail statements is complex, time-exhausting, and prone to mistakes. Hence, automation is required.

How Does PostGrid Help in Your Statement Printing and Mailing?

PostGrid’s automation software will help you in print and mail your statements securely and precisely in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Can I Track and See Where My Statements Have Reached?

Yes, you can track the mailing steps, progress, and delivery of all your statements in real-time through the online portal provided to you. PostGrid provides complete reports of current and past statements sent—you can access them at any time simply by signing in to your account.

What Security Regulations Does the Postgrid Follow While Printing and Mailing My Statements?

All our operations and print and mail processing are carried out by HIPAA/PIPEDA/SOC-II compliant partners ensuring a safe and secure environment.

Can I Automate Statement Printing and Mailing for Specific Dates of the Month?

Yes, you can pre-set dates and automate the process to initiate timely printing and mailing of statements. You can also send event-driven statements for upcoming events or transactions.

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