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Triggered Direct Mail Marketing: Data-Driven and Personalised

As compared to all the digital marketing channels, direct mail marketing has higher response rates. Gone are the days when direct mail marketing was expensive, time-consuming, and difficult to conduct. With the help of automation, print and mail have become possible for all types and sizes of companies. They can personalise mailers, track performance, and target relevant audiences. One popular type of targeted direct mail marketing is triggered direct mail, through which you target people that engage with your company in some way.

For this, you need to define triggers and feed them into your system. Direct mail management software can identify triggers and automatically print and mail out personalised mailers to the relevant people.

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Trigger-based direct mail marketing can save a lot of time, effort, and money spent on sending direct mail to a passive audience who probably has no interest in your brand. It is conducted based on customer data provided by the customers themselves.

In short, triggered direct mail is sent on the basis of customer behaviour. When a person visits your website, drops an enquiry email, or engages with your social media handles, it is obvious that the person now knows your brand. These things, also known as “triggers,” pave your way toward relevant leads, to whom you can send direct mail items to drive conversions.

Benefits of Triggered Direct Mail

Reduction in Lead Response Time

Typically, replying to a lead within a few minutes of its generation can help you convert it. On the other hand, working on old leads is sometimes like a dead end; the brand recall rates are very low, and the leads lose their usefulness. You can take your prospects further into their customer journey by identifying triggers and acting on them speedily.

Boosts Relevancy

Triggered direct mail service is completely focused on sending personalised direct mail items to a relevant audience. Triggers initiate on-demand print and mail and can help companies incorporate variable data printing to boost relevancy.

Higher Open and Conversion Ratios

Since customers have engaged with you recently, they remember your brand well. When they receive direct mail from a brand they remember, it is likely to be opened and viewed. Furthermore, if your direct mail item is personalised, eye-catching, and has a relevant offer for the customer, you can expect good conversion ratios. Hence, trigger programs as such lead to high open and conversion rates.

Better ROI

Automated direct mail campaigns save a lot of money and time. When you add triggers, you improve your chances of conversions. You can use the data collected from the customers and present a direct mail item that addresses their problems and offers a solution. Firstly, you can avoid sending unwanted mail and save money. Secondly, triggered direct mail marketing campaigns perform better than general marketing campaigns. These two reasons make it clear that trigger campaigns have a better return on investment.

Smart CTA

Oftentimes, deciding on a CTA can be confusing. Direct mail marketers struggle to decide whether they should ask their audience to schedule a demo, give them a call, or do something else. However, this problem can be solved through triggers. Triggers are either customer actions or events related to customers. Considering these triggers, it becomes easier to decide on a strategic call to action and guide customers ahead accordingly.

Customer Retention

You can set customers’ birthdays and anniversaries as triggers in your system. This way, your CRM, with the help of a print and mail API integration, can directly send out relevant mail pieces to the right people. Staying in touch with your customers and keeping up with their different life stages can help you retain them and get repeat business.


Good data can help companies advertise better and get more leads. Triggered direct mail marketing is absolutely data-driven. It separates general marketing from targeted marketing and improves campaign performance significantly.

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Different Types of Triggered Direct Mail


The cart abandonment trigger helps businesses induce their customers to complete checkouts. Shopping cart abandonment rates are rising, and every company needs to work on them. There are many people who visit a website, add things to the cart, and then leave it abandoned forever. In this scenario, sending them a mail item based on their shopping cart items can remind and convince them to checkout and complete the transaction.


Triggers are smart lead generators that you should never miss. Talking about missing out on things, many customers or subscribers forget to renew their subscriptions or contracts. It might also happen that they don’t want to renew their subscription any further. This way, companies lose a certain number of customers every year in the churn. Marketers can use the renewal-reminder trigger to reach out to subscribers before the end of their subscription and persuade customers to renew them.


Meeting confirmation triggers, as the name suggests, come into the picture when your company has fixed meeting appointments with certain prospects or existing customers. The aim is to remind them of the meeting and form the base of a productive relationship. Getting a postcard in the mail having the date, time, and objective of the meeting would be a good head start for your customers.


Everybody likes personalised communications. Addressed mail always performs better than unaddressed and general maildrops. A smart marketing strategy would be to send onboarding direct mail through API to new customers to welcome them and show their gratitude. You can set triggers for every time a customer purchases from you or signs up on your website.

Other Triggers

  • Content download
  • Event attendance
  • Inactive account
  • Landing page visit
  • Call centre query
  • Survey form completions
  • Store visits
  • Online activities

Reduce Errors and Save Time With Triggered Direct Mail

Trigger-based direct mail marketing saves time spent on data entry and processing. All the data is fed in by customers themselves, making it reliant and correct. Rather than renting mailing lists and hoping for responses after a campaign, companies can opt to use customer data to print and mail personalised mail items that are sure to boost engagements. Since the customers have contributed their information themselves, it reduces the chances of errors.

Direct mail automation solutions like PostGrid have made it very easy for businesses to send triggered direct mail. From setting and identifying triggers instantly to printing and mailing items to the right people, PostGrid can assist you in all your direct mail activities.

Use Cases for Sending Triggered Direct Mail

Create Awareness and Increase Interest

Triggered direct mail can be used for creating brand awareness among people and improving your reputation in the market. Action-based triggers are better at increasing prospects’ interest and taking them ahead towards conversions.

Reach Prospects First

Triggers give you the ability to identify an opportunity immediately and work on grabbing it. They give you an edge over your competitors. Businesses can send out triggered direct mail to stand out and make a personal connection with their prospects.

Make an Offer They Can’t Refuse

Using triggers, you can collect enough customer information to make an attractive offer to them. The triggers state the needs and preferences of prospects and allow you to provide them with something relevant. You can make your prospects feel like they have got their hands on an excellent deal.

Direct Prospects Towards Conversions

Every company has hundreds and thousands of prospects stuck at some point in its sales funnel. Hence, it is important to push them ahead and complete the sales process. Triggered direct mail can instruct prospects about what to do further and can induce them to follow those instructions and finally purchase from you.

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