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What is Address Validation API

Most of the companies today invest in direct mail marketing. They spend a lot of resources, money, and effort in designing, printing, and mailing all of these mail pieces.

The next step includes analyzing the results. Mostly it’s done by counting the number of direct mail sent to the recipients and subtracting the number of responses out of them. Eventually, calculating the conversion rate.

However, you’d be surprised to know that if you’re not careful and not cleaning your system’s data regularly, then there are chances that all of this calculation of yours went in vain because the analytical results were never accurate.

Some of your mail pieces got lost in the way. Some of them got delivered to the wrong addresses. Plus, you might not even know how many duplicate addresses are present in your system, causing you to send multiple copies of the same mail to a single recipient.

To avoid this from happening to you, we recommend you get yourself an address verification API.

It helps you keep your database clean and free from errors and wrong addresses. It also detects the duplicate addresses of your database and eliminates them within minimal time.

Thus, you must consider having one for your direct mail marketing campaigns.

We’ve listed some additional benefits of PostGrid’s address verification API here.

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Why Do You Need an Address Validation API

An address validation API helps you to keep the addresses of your mailing list accurate, standardized, and verified according to the official database of the Australian Postal Service Provider.

Here’s how PostGrid’s address verification API helps you.

Provides high-Quality Data

PostGrid’s address validation API helps you parse, standardize, and validate your data. Parsing and standardization of your data keep it in the right format, and validation of the mailing list enables you only to keep deliverable addresses in your system.

Plus, PostGrid also enables you to activate entry point verification. This way, each of the new addresses entering your system gets standardized and validated. Hence, all of your mailing list’s data remains of high quality.

Saves Time

To use PostGrid’s address validation API, all you need to do is integrate it with your system. It’ll fetch all of your mailing list’s data within seconds and get started with the verification process.

However, if you decide to do it manually (without a verification API), it may take more time than you’ve thought. You may need to copy all the data, then check it with the official database of Australian posts one by one.

Knowing that most companies have tens of thousands of contact details of their customers, this task will take you ages to complete.

Enhances Your Conversion Rate

With the right address details, your direct mail pieces reach the right recipients. With good and faster delivery, you can expect your prospects to engage with your mail pieces. With better engagement and response rate comes a better conversion rate.

A Cost-Effective Solution

Direct mail marketing has always been expensive. You have to pay for the designing, content, printing, and mailing in bulk. Plus, with doing it all in bulk, you’d also need additional human resources to carry out these processes.

With PostGrid’s instant and cost-effective solution, you can operate everything from a single dashboard and do it all in a one-time payment.

Improves User-Experience

By enabling the entry point verification mode of PostGrid’s address verification API, you can get your customers to fill out the contact forms at their earliest and in a highly accurate way.

This way, along with the right data entering your system, the overall method became easier and faster for your customers. Hence, PostGrid also helps you provide a better customer experience.

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How Does PostGrid Address Validation API work

PostGrid can totally change the way you do direct mail marketing. On the other hand, wrong addresses can make you lose a lot of business.

For instance, by sending mail pieces to the wrong or incorrect addresses, you lose many good opportunities (of landing clients), miss the possibilities of nurturing your brand and customer bonding, and fail to delight customers after the sales for repeat business.

Plus, if you decide to do it all manually, you can end up investing more resources, time, money, and effort than needed. Plus, without a machine, you can also let a few errors slip in, which discards the primary reason for verifying addresses in the first place.

Hence, it’s always an excellent choice to aid your team with an address verification API.

Here are the steps of how PostGrid Address Validation API work:

  • To use PostGrid’s Address Validation API, just integrate it with your system or website.
  • After you have integrated both the platforms, it’ll fetch the data of your mailing list.
  • Collecting the essential details, the API will parse each of the addresses, which means it’ll break them down into several components to make things clearer.
  • After parsing the addresses, they will be standardized, which means the formatting will be set as per the Australian Posts’ guidelines.
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  • Once the addresses of your mailing list are in the correct format, the API will validate them according to the official database of the Australian Postal Service Provider.
  • The API will also ensure the entry point address verification. Hence, the quality of your mailing list remains high. The entry point feature also keeps the spam from entering your system.
  • The entry-point data cleaning helps your customers enter their address details faster and accurately. When they start entering their address, the API will refer them to the different address examples relating to the one they’re trying to enter. The system will only accept the addresses that are valid and Australian Post approves them.
  • If the addresses that your prospects provide fail to meet the criteria of valid addresses or aren’t the ones from the list of the suggested addresses, they won’t be able to move forward to the next step. The API can also help them locate their current location to avoid errors and make the process easier.

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