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Why You Need Address Autocomplete API

Avoid Bad Data

With the right address autocomplete feature, no inaccurate or invalid data can enter your system. PostGrid ensures that only the right addresses enter your database.

Boost Deliverability Rate

With only accurate and deliverable addresses in your system, all of your direct mail pieces will reach the correct destinations. Hence, it helps boost your deliverability rate.

Simplify Checkout Process

With an address autocomplete feature, your checkout process becomes much easier. The potential clients only need to enter the initials of their addresses, and the full address will automatically appear in the suggestions.

Reduce Cart Abandonment

By keeping the shopper fatigue low, PostGrid’s address verification API also helps business owners reduce their cart abandonment rate.

Eliminate Errors

Mostly while entering the address details, most customers end up making mistakes. The right address autocomplete feature helps eliminate all such errors.

Standardize Addresses

The address autocomplete feature also standardizes the details that your customers enter before saving them in your database. Hence, all of your data will always be in the right format.

Address Validation

All the addresses that the address autocomplete API suggests are verified according to the official database of Australian Post.

Superior Data Quality

  • Despite what business you’re in, it’s essential for you to only collect the right data from your customers for a number of good reasons. A few of them are to reduce bounce rate, increase customer engagement and response rate, and get better and more accurate analytical results.
  • One of the best ways to make sure that only correct addresses enter your system is to integrate an address autocomplete tool, like PostGrid, with your system.
  • PostGrid not only ensures correct data for your system but provides high-quality deliverable addresses.
  • All the addresses that PostGrid’s API suggests come from the verified database. The verification is done according to the guidelines of the Australian Post.
  • PostGrid’s database is regularly updated as per the database of the Australian Postal Service Provider.

Reasons to Employ PostGrid's Address Autocomplete API

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Secondary Unit Designators

While providing you with the customers’ primary address details, PostGrid’s API also adds the secondary unit of addresses. For instance, with the street and building name, it’ll also mention the floor number of the customer.

Standardization & Validation

Apart from the address autocomplete feature, PostGrid also provides a facet to standardize and validate the existing addresses of your database.

Zero-Code Integration

PostGrid’s zero-code integration enables you to integrate PostGrid’s API with your system easily without needing any help from a technical expert.

Why we are Better Than Google's Autocomplete API

Most businesses think, why to invest in an address verification API when they can simply use Google for this task. But there are certain limitations to using Google’s autocomplete API that can cause your business a considerable loss.

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  • The Autocomplete API of Google is based on geolocation data. They don’t consider the essential factors like deliverability and validity of address provided.
  • On the other hand, PostGrid’s API only uses verified data to autocomplete the addresses that your user provides. This way, it confirms the validity of the address details provided and ensures your mail piece will be sent to the right destination.
  • Google doesn’t even have any standardizing or validating features. That means that the address that your users will provide will be checked based on the geolocation. However, PostGrid does have this feature, which ensures the right formatting of your mailing addresses.
  • Google may also suggest you an invalid address or an address that’s been updated for a different location. This happens mainly because its addresses aren’t verified or updated with time.

API Dashboard

  • PostGrid’s Address Autocomplete API provides you with a dashboard. With its help, you can easily track your mail pieces, manage your sample editing process, control your contacts, etc.
  • You can also get complete analytical reports on your launched campaign from your API dashboard. 
  • It helps you to view the valuable data, insights, and deliverability status of your mailpieces. 
  • Fetching the complete current and past orders’ records is an easy task with PostGrid.
  • PostGrid’s API dashboard also enables user management. It means that you can invite other users in your company to PostGrid and integrate the API with their systems. All the invites can use the dashboard after accepting the invitation.
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Detailed Analytics and Tracking

  • PostGrid also allows you to access the detailed activity log of your orders from your dashboard. Thus, all the essential data, like shipping activities and the status of every order, are just a click away.
  • You can also access the database search and export through PostGrid’s dashboard. It allows you to search for print-ready renderings for all of your mail pieces whenever you need them. You can also download them if needed.
  • PostGrid’s API also provides the granular metadata capability feature. This means that you can attach metadata specific to your API resources’ application. Thus, you can enhance visibility and make the process of integration simpler.

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